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Date Established 03/2011
Founder Kari Gran
Press Contact Laura Kirkland


Kari Gran Skincare believes in the good stuff. They believe that aging is a gift and life should be lived to the fullest. They also believe in supporting skin’s health with an oil-based, no filler skincare routine. They use the finest natural and organic plant-based oils blended with scientifically proven ingredients for results you can see and feel. 

Kari Gran is women founded and led with dedication to organic, plant-based, cruelty-free, and oil-based formulations that are mindfully crafted. Their nourishing, luxurious yet simple skincare routine delivers on results without the anti-aging hype. They have built a highly devoted community of women in the perimenopause or menopausal stages of life. Kari Gran products are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality, sourced responsibility, and 100% plastic free. And they give back to the community. What’s not to love?

Founding Story

Starting a company from scratch in a fiercely competitive industry may not seem like an expected or safe mid-career pivot, but that is exactly what Kari Gran did. At 29, Kari was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Disease. Because of this, Kari started looking into everything from what she ate to what she put on her face. This led her to begin formulating products that fit her skincare needs.


For over 13 years, Kari has been thriving in the world of natural and clean skincare and beauty and doing it on her own terms. The former self-confessed “beauty product junkie” has built a company dedicated to natural, plant-based, cruelty-free, and oil-based products that deliver benefit-driven results. 


Having no background in digital or skincare- she learned everything by doing, proving there is no better teacher than necessity. It was hard, there were mistakes, but she excelled. Kari’s easy-going attitude and fierce devotion to a set of powerful values have been the secret sauce for her company and her happiness. She aligned her inner values of giving back to her community and sustainability with an outward-facing successful business. This may sound very of the moment, but she has been doing this for a long time before values were a primary driver of companies, especially in the beauty industry.


Essential Peptide Serum
Essential Peptide Serum $78.00
Essential Tinted SPF 30
Essential Tinted SPF 30 $58.00
Essential SPF 30
Essential SPF 30 $54.00
Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C Serum $78.00
Lip Whip Treatment Balms
Lip Whip Treatment Balms $22.00
Lip Whip Color Balms
Lip Whip Color Balms $25.00

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