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Jump Your Hair

Hair beauty brand for both women and horses, approved in the world of hairdressers


Date Established 01/2018
Founder Karine Deschamps
Headquarters France
Press Contact Alexandrine Aubry


Purple Repairing Shampoo 225ML
Purple Repairing Shampoo 225ML $16.50
Repairing Mask 225G
Repairing Mask 225G $25.00
Repairing Shampoo 225ML
Repairing Shampoo 225ML $14.00
Treatment Oil 100ML
Treatment Oil 100ML $55.00


Jump Your Hair is an innovative brand that offers a beauty ritual with unique sensory pleasure and instant effectiveness, with pH suitability for hair and mane. These unique hybrid products combine keratin, a natural constituent of the hair, and biotin, a star vitamin in the equine environment; a rare combination to find in a single product. Jump Your Hair respects the environment and the health of their consumers by formulating their products with mainly natural ingredients and never testing on animals. Products are made for any type of hair; blonde, grey, fine, coarse, and works great on curly hair, too. Jump Your Hair allows women to proudly assume their uniqueness and personality through flamboyant manes.

Founding Story

Jump Your Hair was born out of a deep admiration and fascination for the exceptional elegance of horses. Founder, Karine Deschamps’ greatest wealth was to observe the dazzling beauty and the sensual power horses exude. Through her observations, she discovered a natural and wild beauty and one thing became clear - the woman and the horse exude the same beauty, the same sensuality and the same elegance; especially through their hair, their manes. She decided she wanted to create a range of hair products that take care of the most obvious symbol of femininity to strengthen self-confidence; the hair. Through Jump Your Hair, Karine wanted to share modern hair care reflecting the link that has united human adventure with this sublime animal. That's why her beauty treatments are also intended for horses; to offer them the well-being they deserve. To be one with the horse was her biggest dream and for Karine, it was realized in a certain way through this tribute that she has given them.

Team Bios

Karine Deschamps


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Karine Deschamps has a deep passion for horses and their world as well as for cosmetics and hair beauty. She is a horse owner, rider and founder of several saddleries. Karine is also a genius manufacturer at the origin of many brands of renowned hair products.


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