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Date Established 01/2014
Founder Rechelle Balanzat
Press Contact Sara Spiegel



We sit at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle, and technology. We understand that your clothes are an extension of who you are. But more than that, we're New Yorkers. And as New Yorkers we value time and convenience above all else. Our service is simple & straightforward. We'll pick up, clean, and deliver your clothes at the tap of a button. Through our innovative technology, app and texting, JULIETTE can be everywhere without being anywhere.

Founding Story

Rechelle Balanzat was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the US where she earned a degree in philosophy from Fordham University and graduated with honors. With a background in finance, technology, and public relations, Balanzat is a serial entrepreneur. Her third venture, JULIETTE, aims to revolutionize the laundry and dry cleaning experience through technology.

Team Bios

Juliette was founded in 2014 by Rechelle Balanzat, an accomplished entrepreneur who immigrated from the Philippines with her parents as a teenager. Rechelle is a solopreneur with a background in tech, the recipient of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses award, she is a Tory Burch Fellow, and a graduate of the International Drycleaning & Laundry Institute. Laundry and dry cleaning is a $20b industry, $14b in America, $1b in NYC alone. With no clear cut leader in an industry dominated by men, Juliette is poised to become that leader.


Haute Living - Aug 10, 2021 How Juliette Cleaners Founder Rechelle Balanzat Built Her Business With No Money "Owner and founder, Rechelle Balanzat, recently sat down with Haute Living to discuss how she turned Juliette Cleaners from a dream into a reality."
Tech Times - Aug 09, 2021 Boutique Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Catches Eye of Manhattan’s Elite with Advanced Tech Features "The featured story of Juliette explains how the boutique dry cleaning brand has set itself apart from competitors with its use of cutting-edge technology."
The New York Guardian - Jun 25, 2021 Juliette: The First Cleaner to Release a Hybrid AI App "Juliette, the dry cleaning company of the future, announced earlier this summer its updated mobile app: the first of its kind for its industry to be accessible via all smart devices."
American Dry Cleaner Magazine - Mar 01, 2021 Adding Youth to your Customer Base "Founder and CEO of Juliette, Rechelle Balanzat, is featured explaining the need and thought processes behind her decision to have customers use an app for service as part of her business model."
Disrupt Magazine Juliette Releases Revolutionary Hybrid A.I. Laundry Service App "Juliette’s CEO and Founder, Rechelle Balanzat’s approach to Juliette features a blend of technology, lifestyle, and fashion, aiming to innovate and revolutionize her industry while offering a unique experience"
Inc. How This NYC Startup Uses Tech to Bring Dry Cleaning Into the Digital Age "Juliette uses artificial intelligence to making dry cleaning pickup and delivery as easy as ordering food on Seamless."


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