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The most sustainable plant milk in the world


Date Established 08/2019
Founder Hector Gutierrez, Izzy Shu, Dave Korstad, Tony Jimenez
Headquarters Miami, FL
Beverage, Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Hector Gutierrez


Almond Milk Base
Almond Milk Base $19.99
Cashew Milk Base
Cashew Milk Base $19.99
Almond Milk Base- Organic
Almond Milk Base- Organic $24.99
Cashew Milk Base- Organic
Cashew Milk Base- Organic $24.99
Hazelnut Creamer Base
Hazelnut Creamer Base $19.99
Oat Milk Powder
Oat Milk Powder $17.99


JOI is a line of clean label, nut-based plant milk concentrates that can be used for wide variety of plant-based needs. With a shelf life of up to 18 months, JOI makes fresh DIY almond and cashew milk easy and more accessible than ever. With no added sugars and no preservatives, JOI - which stands for Just One Ingredient- is a single-ingredient blend, made only from cold milled almonds; with each serving boasting 8g of healthy fats, 3g of protein and 2g of fiber. Currently available in two nut base blends: Almond and Cashew (Almond, Cashew, Organic Almond and Organic Cashew), JOI's concentrates are made from whole, natural ingredients that, when blended with water, create the cleanest and most nutritious plant-based milks on the market. Certified Non- GMO and Kosher, Organic, Whole 30 Approved, Vegan, Paleo, Keto and Gluten-Free, JOI's nut bases are also the first of its kind, creating a whole new category in the food industry-- a fully customizable, versatile, clean, instant plant milk base. Not only a leader in the plant-based food world, JOI is also environmentally-conscious- helping to reduce milk carton waste with each JOI container able to make up to 7 quarts of plant milk. Investors include Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull, and celebrity Nutritionist and Author Marco Borges.

Founding Story

Co-Founders, Tony, Izzy Shu, and Dave, connected in grad school when they realized each made their own almond milk by hand for different reasons. Tony wanted fresh milk that fit with his vegan lifestyle; Izzy wanted to reduce her carbon footprint by eliminating milk carton waste; and Dave wanted to manage his sensitivity to dairy. JOI was born from the shared goal of creating high-quality, delicious, and environmentally-conscious plant-based milk that’s far superior to the stuff you’re used to finding at the local supermarket, without all the time and energy of traditional homemade plant milk. At JOI, the mission is to reimagine what we consume for total food freedom which is why the company stands for Just One Ingredient, literally.


Izzy Shu

Co-Founder, Head of Brand

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Designer for over 10 years in film, television and branding, with both corporate and freelance experience in production, graphic and product design. Self- proclaimed foodie and lactose intolerant.

Hector Gutierrez


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Two-time founder and entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the food industry, both startups and large corporations. Former 3G, former COO of Jugo Fresh. Fitness junkie and food-obsessed.


Thrive Market




We all love the idea of homemade almond milk but not the process...introducing JOI!! Absolute Game Changer!!! You'll love the simple process as much as the single ingredient almond milk.

Marco Borges


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