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Jill Turnbull Beauty

Plant-based, sustainable “blue beauty” line of haircare, makeup and skincare


Date Established 04/2021
Founder Jill Turnbull
Press Contact Alexa Battista


No Sweat Foundation
No Sweat Foundation $49.99
SERUM $30.00
TONE $30.00
WASH $32.00
My Lush Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner
My Lush Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner $50.00


Jill Turnbull Beauty is a brand of sustainable, “blue beauty” haircare, skincare and makeup. Consciously sourced from packaging to formulation, Jill Turnbull's mission is to intertwine beauty and simplicity by creating products that restore and nourish the hair and skin naturally. Committed to clean processes, using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, Jill Turnbull delivers the highest quality formulas while minimizing negative impact on the planet.
Jill Turnbull Beauty believes in full ingredient transparency, 100% product biodegradability, and environmentally conscious products that are made without harmful or unnecessary ingredients and are always cruelty-free and endorsed by The Humane Society of the United States. Packaging is designed to reduce waste and is made with BPA-free, recyclable and reusable materials. A portion of all Jill Turnbull sales will go back to the Great Barrier Reef to protect, preserve and reconstruct earth's largest living structure.

Founding Story

Founder Jill Turnbull is a passionate, well respected hairdresser in the beauty and fashion industry, having gained recognition as an accomplished leader in the industry after years of teaching around the globe, as well as taking part in writing and editorial shoots for leading publications. Her success led her to create a beauty brand that includes makeup, skincare, and a haircare line that is 100% plant-based with no harsh chemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances that may harm or deplete the planet's natural environment. Her philosophy is one learned from the Aboriginal People of Australia. Taking inspiration from their ability to find natural beauty in all things and harness the benefits of biomimicry.




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Traveling the world from Europe to Tibet, Jill Turnbull has gained recognition as an accomplished leader in the industry of beauty, fashion, and style. After years of teaching around the globe, writing columns and editorial photo shoots for fashion magazines, and having the best in the industry available to her, she decided to go back to the visual impressions of her childhood. Growing up immersed in the rich colours and textures of the Australian earth; the colorful landscapes and the pristine pacific ocean served as inspiration.

Turnbull, as a passionate beauty professional, is committed to her industry and understands the value of authentic products that work. Transparency is second nature, just pure, honest, clean, and ethically sourced ingredients inspired by the Australian earth. Striving to source the cleanest ingredients, simplest blends, and always produce in small batches to never compromise on quality!


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