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Date Established 10/2018
Founder Anika Janelle Pettiford
Headquarters Forest, VA
Press Contact Anika Pettiford


Virgin Coconut Hair Serum
Virgin Coconut Hair Serum $18.00
Brilliant Shine Tea Tree Mint Hair Wash
Brilliant Shine Tea Tree Mint Hair Wash $21.00
My Natural Curl Duo
My Natural Curl Duo $39.00


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and that is exactly what led to the conception of Janelle Beauty. Founded in 2018, Janelle Beauty was born out of necessity and a gap in the market for the products Anika needed after receiving a health scare. Her life was interrupted by an ailment that led her on a journey to health and wholeness and shortly opened the door to a new world of beauty products that quickly got complicated when her focus turned to her hair.

As a woman of color, finding the right products that were both efficacious and of high-quality was no easy feat. However, determined to get what she needed Anika created her first product - The Virgin Coconut Hair Serum, the ultimate styling product that allowed her to transition smoothly out of her relaxed hair without damaging her roots.

Founding Story

As a black girl growing up in the eighties, Anika didn’t really have much of a choice but to be baptized in the chemical laden, permanent, hair altering process of “getting a perm” aka relaxer. After receiving a health scare, Anika decided to radically change her diet. It wasn’t long after, that her clean lifestyle also carried into her skincare routine where she then threw out every store bought product only to make her own concoctions.

Feeling very satisfied with her “clean” lifestyle, Anika somehow missed her six week to the date ritual of getting a chemical relaxer. It then dawned on her that in no way can a chemical relaxer be good for her health - and so Anika paused. Questions such as how can she possibly give up on her hair routine and what that would mean for her seem like easy questions to ask oneself now, but back then they weren’t. Determined, though there weren’t many options for her to wear her hair straight or curly without causing heat damage, Anika created The Virgin Coconut Hair Serum. A serum that helped turn that once 8 year old desire to get off the “creamy crack” hair train into reality.


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