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Luxury Italian hair and beauty accessories


Date Established 01/1830
Founder Giorgio Janeke
Headquarters Veduggio con Colzano, Italy
Home, Beauty
Press Contact Marc Acker


Extra Wide Headband
Extra Wide Headband $60.00
Gold Brow Brush
Gold Brow Brush $27.00
Large Quilted Metalic Traincase
Large Quilted Metalic Traincase $248.00
Carbon Superbrush
Carbon Superbrush $26.00
Handbag Comb
Handbag Comb $23.00
Medium Cosmetic Bag
Medium Cosmetic Bag $44.00
Small Pneumatic Mixed Bristle Hairbrush
Small Pneumatic Mixed Bristle Hairbrush $50.00
Janeke Large Quilted Cosmetic Pouch
Janeke Large Quilted Cosmetic Pouch $45.00
Janeke Gold Superbrush
Janeke Gold Superbrush $44.00
Janeke Pastel Superbrush
Janeke Pastel Superbrush $26.00
Janeke Medium Mixed Bristle Hairbrush
Janeke Medium Mixed Bristle Hairbrush $70.00


Two hundred years since its foundation, the Jäneke group maintains its leading position in the haircare market. This is largely in part to its commitment to constant development. Since 1830, Jäneke has been renowned for its incredible Italian craftsmanship, shaping the history of beauty. With materials inspired by Italian tradition such as antler, celluloid, and Galalith - at their core, Jäneke believes innovation and technology are key in keeping up with the times and demands of the market.

Instilled in the brand to this day, is the Jäneke family's attention to detail as it was almost 190 years ago. Jäneke has continued to disrupt the hair care industry with innovative manufacturing techniques, entirely handcrafted in Italy focusing on the design and quality of their materials. Jäneke has become the leader in the European beauty industry thanks to its patented “honey-comb” Superbrush, award-winning Tulip Brush, and their injection molding technology.

It’s the passion for their work that pushes Jäneke to constantly improve. They acutely devote their time and care to product research to reflect the ever-changing and ever-evolving needs of their clients.

Founding Story

In 1830, Giorgio Janeke founded a comb factory in Milan, Italy that still bears his name today. He bought his first machines from Germany and was the first to introduce mechanically produced combs to Italy. The plant needed to expand production capabilities as the business grew, prompting Giorgio’s children to move the factory to Veduggio in 1907 where it remains today. Over the years, the current plant has grown to include new technologies such as injection molding. The facility now includes all aspects of development and production including an innovative, cutting edge design studio.


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