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Date Established 01/2022
Founder La La Anthony & Josh Snow
Headquarters Phoenix, AZ
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Kailey Konow


Hair is in constant flux - changing as we age, adapting to new trends, shapeshifting to our lifestyle. Coupled with coloring, over-styling and environmental damage, you may find yourself (and your hair follicles) completely overwhelmed. Rooted in on their signature Rice Water Complex, INALA was created as a system designed to return your hair to its healthiest, most natural state using clean ingredients in intelligent formulations that work together to cleanse, nurture, and rejuvenate all hair types. So whether your hair is fine, straight, curly, textured, processed, or coarse grey we welcome it all, because when your hair is strong and fortified, you have the freedom to embrace any style, color, structure, or form. With that comes the confidence INALA seeks to instill.

Their mission is to nourish, fortify and recover hair of all types so everyone can embrace their own story.

Founding Story

Like many women, La La Anthony's hair has been a big piece of her identity since she was young. As her career took a more public facing role, that’s when the real damage to her hair began. The constant tugging, pulling, and styling left her edges sparse and her hair brittle and prone to breakage. Searching for a solution, La La turned to DIY Rice Water after hearing of the many benefits. Starting in her kitchen sink, she began the messy, and very smell, process of fermenting her own rice water.

Despite the labor it took to make the treatment, she quickly got addicted as the results didn’t lie. Within a few batches, she saw visible improvements to her hair health, growth, and strength. It was then that she knew this powerful ingredient needed a space on a larger platform. After sharing the DIY treatment with her friends and family, La La realized this product was working for all hair types and she knew this was something bigger than an at home remedy. Connecting with a team of beauty experts, INALA was born.


Power Potion
Power Potion $55.00
Reset Rinse
Reset Rinse $30.00
Triple Threat Tonic
Triple Threat Tonic $27.00
Empowered Pillowcase
Empowered Pillowcase $75.00
Crown Polisher
Crown Polisher $15.00


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