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Personalized books to give the gift of community wisdom


Date Established 09/2020
Founder Graham Williams
Headquarters Denver, CO
Home, Health & Wellness, Tech
Press Contact Graham Williams


Impart helps people create one-of-a-kind gifts by gathering advice and encouragement from friends and family into a keepsake book for a loved one approaching a key milestone.

In our hyper-connected world, people are feeling less connectedness. As a society, we live further from our families so there is less time on Grandma's porch. We belong to fewer social institutions. We are inundated with information from unlimited and untrusted sources. We are losing the tools to share wisdom between generations and peers, and as a result are spending unnecessary time, energy and emotion learning the same lessons from scratch.

Impart is a tool that brings communities together to a loved one to provide support, wisdom and encouragement during any one of life's key moments. Impart's beautiful books are a unique and meaningful gift that costs less than $50. Most importantly, the recipient will benefit from the headlights to what is ahead and feel the support from their community.

The process to create it is quick, easy and fun for everyone involved. Users can take advantage of preset templates or customize as much as they wish.

First, users select the book size, title and cover images.

Second, users enter email addresses to invite friends and family to contribute and set a deadline for a response. The system sends the emails and automatic reminders. Users can track the invitations and responses in the platform.

Third, the user reviews the responses and selects which contributions will be printed in the book.

Finally, the user will preview then entire book and approve for printing. Printing typically takes five days and the book is shipped directly to the user or recipient's doorstep.

Founding Story

Impart started as a simple gift from Graham Williams to his son before entering middle school. Graham sent an email to his closest family and friends asking them to impart their wisdom about what they wish they had known going into middle school. The result was a truly unique collection of thoughts that had been curated from the most important people in his son’s life. Soon after, the concept behind Impart was born and Graham set off on a mission to spread the gift of wisdom and community throughout the country.


Graham Williams

Founder & CEO

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Graham Williams was born and raised in Denver, CO by parents who taught him about work ethic and perseverance. At Manual High School, Graham learned that people all share a core dignity but that life’s blessings are not equally distributed—instilling a foundation of gratitude, responsibility and restlessness. Studying at Davidson College, Graham learned about the importance of honor and the power of combining integrity and community. Through 20 years as an executive for telecom and media companies, Graham discovered that hard work, honesty, vision and service were the cornerstones of leadership and a willingness to take risks was a common denominator for success.

Today, Graham lives with his wife and two children who have taught him his greatest lessons about the true meaning of love, acceptance, support and forgiveness. He is blessed with family and friends who have all taught him valuable lessons. Graham created Impart in 2020 with the hope that communities can help each other avoid common missteps and regrets to refocus our energies on creating something great.


We created an Impart book to celebrate our son's college graduation. He loved it and was so touched! It was so special that we ordered copies for ourselves and his grandparents as keepsakes.


There are a lot of photo book options on the market, but nothing quite like this that I’ve seen. I think it’s a great product! I would give it a 10.


I gave this to my daughter who graduated from college this year and it was her favorite gift by far!!! Even the people who submitted their ""wisdom"" found it to be a more personal and permanent way to congratulate the graduate.


As a 70-something, I sometimes get intimidated by technology, but I am so glad I used Impart for my grandson’s book. It was easy and fun. If I can do it, anyone can do it.


I delivered [an Impart] book full of memories, wisdom, advice, and kind words to my father upon his retirement. Watching the messages come in via the Impart app allowed me to see my dad as the hardworking, inspirational, kind person I’ve always known him to be, but this time through the eyes of others. I got to see how well-respected and loved he is by his coworkers and childhood friends and even read some funny stories. While this was a gift for my dad - he read it front to back, twice, in one sitting when he received it - it was unforgettable for me as well.


I wanted to give my daughter something unique and meaningful for her 13th birthday that would last well beyond her teenage wishlist of clothing and devices. And meaningful it was. When her beautiful Impart book arrived, it quickly became her favorite gift; she read through page after page of wisdom from friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, family friends and siblings.



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