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Founder Aldo Bloise
Headquarters Fukuoka, Japan
Press Contact Lilly Gray


Ikkyu Tea is a small team dedicated to promoting the finest green tea from Kyushu, a breathtaking island in Southwestern Japan. Our close relationship with regional producers and passion for supporting local, family-run tea businesses means each Ikkyu tea is presented with complete transparency.

We aim to introduce an international audience to regional specialties such as pan-fired tea from Miyazaki Prefecture, Kamairicha, or the umami-packed king of tea from Fukuoka, Dento Hon Gyokuro. No matter whether whole leaf or matcha powder, we guarantee high quality and an incredible drinking experience. IKKYU means a moment of rest, and we hope our customers can refresh their body and mind with our fine teas.

Founding Story

In 2017, founders Aldo and Joelle were spending time in Chiran, a famous tea area in Kyushu. Already fans of Japanese green tea, they were shocked to learn that this high-quality tea, a daily necessity for many Japanese, was basically unknown abroad. Producers were uninterested in tackling the issues of international shipping and had little experience presenting their award-winning teas in English. Thus, Ikkyu was born: a chance to connect local producers and their fabulous green tea with a wider audience. 

Now, Ikkyu is a small team of Swiss, French, Japanese, and Americans. With over 50s teas in stock and a close relationship with more than 20 regional tea producers, Ikkyu is growing day by day, introducing luxury Japanese tea to more and more people. 


Luxury Matcha Set
Luxury Matcha Set $126.00
YUKI : Premium Organic Flavored Koucha
YUKI : Premium Organic Flavored Koucha $19.00
JUKI $105.00
MIYUKI: Competition Grade Organic Matcha
MIYUKI: Competition Grade Organic Matcha $23.00

Team Bios

A Swiss national with a background in law and years of experience with international export.

I used to be more of a coffee than a tea person. Take me to Italy and you will find me at the nearest café for my espresso shot!

However, in my daily life, things have changed when I discovered the pleasure of authentic Japanese green tea. It's not just about the amazing balance of delicate and complex fragrances, or the health benefits of green tea.

I have fallen in love with the steady yet powerful feeling of increased focus and constant energy that comes with each single cup. Whether I am working, chilling out with friends or practicing aikido, I can't do without green tea anymore!

American national with MA in Japanese Cultural studies, focusing on US client accounts

I joined Ikkyu quite recently, but I have lived in Japan for the past decade. From dancing Yosakoi at festivals in Toyama to practicing Aikido at the dojo in Fukuoka, I am a passionate learner of all things Japan—including tea.

Through research on Japanese tea families, tea ceremony, and experience with a global clientele in my previous work, I’m excited to blend the rich history of tea enjoyment with the everyday needs of modern matcha enthusiasts stateside.

Additionally, I’m interested in tying together the strong tradition of Kyushu pottery, visible in Karatsu and Arita ware, with its equally splendid tea. To me, Kyushu tea is summed up as luxury with a lineage—a lineage that the Ikkyu team is devoted to preserving and sharing with the world

An Italian and Swiss national who speaks French, Italian, English, German and a little Japanese, Aldo does the majority of photography and design for all IKKYU products.

I started drinking green tea back in Switzerland more than 12 years ago as a way to relax. I enjoy the preparing time of a good matcha while listening old records.

Thanks to my deep interest and love of green tea, I have been able to visit all the main production areas on Kyushu island. It has been a privilege to talk and work directly with city and government officials, and most importantly, build strong connections with the many producers and their families.

It took several years to build a network covering all of Kyushu. I have been blessed by the richness of encounters, friendship and discoveries of the Green Tea universe.


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