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Date Established 11/2019
Founder Samhita Jayanti
Headquarters New York, NY
Health & Wellness, Tech, Parenting
Press Contact Katie Doyle


Improve your communication skills
Improve your communication skills $321.96
Pivot your career or return to work
Pivot your career or return to work $270.00
What career is right for you?
What career is right for you? $300.00


Want to get better at something? Get a coach.

ideamix believes in the ability of every individual to define and achieve their own success. Successful people have used coaches for years. Now every individual can find their ideal coach at ideamix.

ideamix helps individuals and companies unlock their success through coaching by pairing them with vetted, experienced coaches across a range of personal, professional and business topics. Their coaches are experts in a number of different coaching areas including, personal branding, parenting, career development, leadership, building a business and diversity and inclusion. Each of our coaches are vetted specialists in their topic areas, with years of experience helping their clients map and reach their goals.

Get matched with your ideal coach.

Getting matched with your ideal coach has never been easier. Take 90 seconds to answer 5 questions and get matched with the right coaches for your personal, professional and business needs. Get to know your matched coaches through their profiles, videos and podcast content to learn who they are and what they're like to work with.

Unlock your success with coaching.

The ROI of Coaching is significant and measurable. Two noteworthy numbers: coaching results in a +130% improvement in individual job performance and a +63% improvement in employee retention. Smart companies invest in their high-performing, high-potential professionals to enhance their performance. Successful people work with coaches to map their priorities, position themselves to succeed, and achieve their goals. Whether you're a business investing in your people or an individual investing in yourself, ideamix connects you with the best experienced and vetted coaches to achieve your goals.

Welcome to coaching as a utility. Welcome to ideamix.

Founding Story

What determines success from failure? What do successful people do to enable their own success?

These are the fundamental questions the ideamix founders asked themselves as they started ideamix in 2019. From the beginning, ideamix focused on 2 key pillars to further a learning and purpose driven mindset. First, ideamix shared the stories of founders, coaches and mentors through its ideamix radio podcast. Second, ideamix started a series of small group coaching workshops for early stage female founders.

The ah-ha moment came hard and fast

The transformational power of coaching in the ideamix workshops was crystal clear immediately to ideamix and its workshop participants. What also became clear was the limited scalability of the workshops. We built the ideamix coaching platform to amplify the transformational impact of coaching. Using the ideamix product, every individual can find their ideal coach to unlock their own success.

Female founded, with a focus on coaching & community

The ideamix founders are women with a strong core belief in the power of the individual, the transformational impact of coaching, the importance of a learning mindset, and the multiple, diverse, and deeply individual definitions of purpose and success. As a company, the culture of ideamix is focused on its core mission of building understanding, collaboration, and community to enable every individual to use coaching to define their own purpose and unlock their own success.

Team Bios

Katie Doyle


see bio

An avid reader and writer, Katie went to Manhattan College for a degree in English with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Interning for Ideamix in her senior year of college opened her eyes to her passion for social media which led to Katie transitioning to work full time at Ideamix. She currently supervises the social media team and podcast team, among participating in other various workstreams throughout the company to help the Ideamix mission advance. Katie is dedicated to personal growth and pushing the boundaries of human ability, and practices this through recreational rock climbing. Katie is also a published writer, scholarship chairperson, and World Adoption Day Advocate!

Mahitha is an experienced user experience designer and product manager, working on defining the ideamix platform. She has worked across domains with a number of startups and companies in bringing v1 products to life, including S&P Capital IQ, Torstar Digital and Peoplesoft. Nothing makes her happier than seeing great products and experiences come alive. She is skilled at creating positive working relationships with end-users, management, development teams and fellow designers in global teams. She is a graduate of Ohio State University. After a childhood spent in brilliant weather, she constantly dreams of the tropics, but has made chilly Toronto her home with her family, a dog and two cats. Mahitha loves trees, tea on her terrace, books, long bicycle rides and great food.

Milena is the Director of Strategy & Coach Engagement at ideamix, focused on building partnerships with coaches and organizations. Originally from Brazil, she’s based in New York and has a wealth of cross-cultural and business expertise including, Business Development, Strategic Planning and People Management. She has worked on B2B consulting projects with IHS Energy, Frost & Sullivan, BCG and Harvard Business School. Milena attended Fundacao Getulio Vargas and ESPM in Brazil. She’s a proud mother of 3, is curious, energetic, a non-stop learner, and passionate about people.

Sam Jayanti is the founder and CEO of ideamix and hosts the ideamix radio podcast. A former CEO who’s led businesses in a variety of industries, she has habitually followed her curiosity for people, problem solving, collaboration, learning and mentorship. Sam attended Harvard College (A.B.) and Harvard Business School (MBA). Sam serves as a board member of Americares, one of the largest healthcare focused NGOs in the world and the Leadership Council of the Radcliffe Institute. Sam loves playing tennis, skiing, riding, traveling and spending time with her family and dachshunds.


As a working mom, a coach provided incredible support and counseling to me and my entire family over the last five years. When my children were small, I turned to my coach for practical parenting advice and working-mom time saving tips. When my kids moved into adolescence and experienced social challenges, my coach was able to work with them one-on-one, which made them feel supported and gave them the tools to help them become confident, and resilient.

Pamela T.


My life transformed from working with a coach in the following areas and more: self love, gratitude for my work, my relationship to relationships, healthy boundaries, well being and learning to let go (this one is so hard!).

Sanika N.


Coaching was the best investment in myself that I have made in a long time! I was ready to get back to full-time work after staying home with my girls for 16 years but so much had changed in the job application process that I was lost. After a few months of trying to figure it out on my own with no results, I hired a coach to help with my resume and cover letters, my LinkedIn profile and interview coaching. Within six weeks, I accepted a job that is the perfect fit for me and I have my coach to thank! If you want someone who is an expert, really takes the time to get to know you and champions your strengths, hire a coach immediately! I’m so happy I did.



I’ve gone through a lot of life with my fingers crossed, duct tape and a prayer. Starting coaching was me finally removing the duct tape and facing my actual problems with real long lasting solutions. I thought life was pretty good before, but I feel 10x better now, and so much more in control of who I am and what I need to do.




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