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Date Established 09/2019
Founder Rachelle Robinett
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Lindsay Herr


Digest-ness $24.00
Everyday Endurance
Everyday Endurance $21.00
Nerve Less
Nerve Less $25.00


Pocket-sized, plant-based, and potent—each HRBLS gummy is infused with a special blend of plant-based extracts and whole-food ingredients for a serving of herbal wellness any time.

Herbalist-designed | supernatural ingredients
HRBLS are herbalist-formulated. Certain herbs, when paired, work better than either ingredient alone. This is ancient, modern, and key to effective herbal recipes.
HRBLS are super real. Their ingredients are functional foods, herbal extracts, and key supplements like L-theanine. Nothing fake, funky, gross, or hidden in fine print.
HRBLS are CBD-free. They use the best ingredients to support your intentions. 
HRBLS are portable, effective, and specifically designed to provide you with a full serving of herbs per chew.

Imagine a strong cup of tea or tincture, in gummy form. They’re made for busy, modern humans who want herbs that can keep pace and provide results. No added or processed sugar, syrups or sneaky sugar by other names. No gums, no waxes, no weird stabilizers.

Entirely Supernatural.

Founding Story

Pharmakon Supernatural was founded by Registered Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG). She is dedicated to making herbalism inspiring and accessible via education, products, and services that empower anyone to understand and own their health, naturally. HRBLS are a way to have some supernatural support any time, anywhere.

Rachelle created HRBLS because she saw the alchemy of merging functional food with herbalism as a lifestyle, and products that perform. She believes that the future of health is holistic, self-guided, accessible, integrated, and nature-based. In other words: herbalism.


Rachelle Robinett


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Rachelle Robinett is the founder of Brooklyn-based Apothecary and Cafe Supernatural and plant-based herbal line, HRBLS.  Rachelle is a passionate RH (American Herbalist Guild)— Herbalist, Educator, and life-long naturalist, whose mission is to make modern herbal education accessible to all. Supernatural, is a New York-based, globally-spirited company dedicated to modern herbalism education. The Supernatural ecosystem includes Supernatural cafe & shop, a product line of herbal gummies (HRBLS), and on-demand online classes that bring the history and global nature of herbalism into the daily lives of modern humans. Rachelle holds certificates in Complementary and Integrative Health, and Clinical Herbalism, and has spent thousands of hours teaching, speaking, publishing, and in private practice with clients. Rachelle has been studying the relationship between plants and people her entire life, around the world. In addition to directing the operations of Supernatural, Rachelle writes, consults, and offers professional consulting for companies in the wellness and food industries.


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