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House of Leon

Unique & Affordable Furniture and Home Decor


Date Established 10/2021
Founder Steven Neman, Jordan Neman
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Steven Neman


Delphina Candle
Delphina Candle $140.00
Valley Side Table
Valley Side Table $690.00
Face Vase
Face Vase $150.00


House of Léon was built to inspire individuals to take a more thoughtful approach to self expression within their homes. With designs based on concepts and regions from around the world, our curated collections are meant to help you create a space you belong in. With the understanding that every piece of a collection is designed to work with one another, House of Léon aims to alleviate the pressure that comes with designing a home.

Founding Story

House Of Léon started to help bridge the gap between style and affordability. In their experience helping friends and family design their homes, they became frustrated trying to find furniture with exceptional design at prices that made sense. They found that companies focusing on utility and affordability put little emphasis on design and self expression, and the high-end alternatives proved inaccessible to most.

As twins, Steve and Jordan spent their lives learning to prioritize and express their individuality. Now, they want to help everyone bring that same sense of individuality home. We’re excited to welcome you into the House of Léon. Make yourself at home.

Team Bios

Jordan is a furniture designer and sculptor who set out to start House of Lèon with his twin brother when he realized there is a lack of unique, well-made and beautiful pieces available at an affordable price point in the market. He's committed to bringing pieces to the market that feel like they belong in a gallery, to make the homes of individuals as special as possible. In his free time, he sculpts and throws pottery that inspire or become the accessories House of Lèon releases.




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