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Date Established 01/2016
Founder Kapua Browning
Headquarters Honolulu, HI
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Kapua Browning


Pa'akai Cleansing Cream
Pa'akai Cleansing Cream $24.00
Hawaiian Beauty Water Resurfacing Toner
Hawaiian Beauty Water Resurfacing Toner $24.00
Aloha Youth Serum
Aloha Youth Serum $58.00
Olena Beauty Oil
Olena Beauty Oil $48.00
Malu Protecting Day Cream SPF30
Malu Protecting Day Cream SPF30 $42.00
Hibiscus Beauty Booster
Hibiscus Beauty Booster $54.00
'Āina Invigorating Mask
'Āina Invigorating Mask $38.00
Moana Rejuvenating Mask
Moana Rejuvenating Mask $44.00
The Hawaiian Glow Collection
The Hawaiian Glow Collection $98.00
The Honua Ritual
The Honua Ritual $148.00
The Petal Skin Collection
The Petal Skin Collection $58.00
Hydration on the Go Collection
Hydration on the Go Collection $58.00


Honua Skincare was created by longtime esthetician and Hawaiian-healing devotee, Kapua Browning. As an esthetician, Kapua used Hawaiian healing botanicals and methodologies in her practice, where she created custom skincare treatments for all clients.

Honua aims to transform the face of skincare through the use of potent, Hawaiian ingredients, minimal plastic packaging, and sustainability practices that are second to none.

Honua offers a new experience in skincare. The Honua daily facial ritual not only transforms skin, but allows customers to experience a touch of aloha daily. From formulation to production, Honua incorporates the spirit of aloha and it shows in every product. Honua shares this special message on the inside of every Honua box so that clients can also incorporate aloha in to their daily lives.

Honua is an Earth-first company. Honua means "Earth" in the Hawaiian language. Hawaiians grow up understanding that honoring Honua (Mother Earth) is a necessity. As a result, all Honua products are packaged in glass bottles and jars, which are far less polluting, easier to recycle and preserve the integrity of the ingredients. Honua invests in and supports projects and partners that clean up beaches and lands, proactively restore forests through reforestation efforts (on land and underwater), promote sustainable agriculture, and promote education to ensure our sustainability efforts continue for generations to come. All Honua exterior packaging is recyclable or compostable. Honua offers a send-back program for bottles and jars, which are repurposed into art supplies, disaster relief bags and coastal restoration sand replacement through a nonprofit partner GlassHalfFull NOLA. Honua is a proud member of 1% For The Planet. Other partners include: Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Kuleana Coral, United Way Women (Hawaii), Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Haloa Aina, Ho'okua'Āina Project, North Kohala Community Development and many more.

The Power of Ingredients. Honua's unique ingredients and blends are the true power behind the effective, beautiful products. The lā’au (healing Hawaiian plants) are the reason Honua can effectively treat the skin without the use of lab-created chemicals. These powerful plants are filled with vitamins, minerals phytonutrients and fatty acids, and are some of the most potent anti-inflammatories and antioxidants available. Honua believes that some of the magic also lies in the soil where these plants are grown, so ingredients are sourced from as many Hawai‘i farms as possible.

Honua is entirely women-run and AAPI family owned. The entire team from founder to fulfillment staff to social media are all women.

Founding Story

Honua Hawaiian Skincare was created by longtime esthetician and Hawaiian-healing devotee, Kapua Browning. As an esthetician, Kapua used Hawaiian healing botanicals and methodologies in her practice, where she created custom skincare treatments for all clients. She discovered that while many clients exhibited different symptons, ranging from pigmentation to eczema to acne, most of these issues were attributable to inflammation. So she created blends to address underlying skin issues, namely inflammation, and her results were incredible. Clients fell in love with her techniques and results, and soon the demand for her products outgrew her treatment rooms so she began supplying products to spas throughout Hawaii and elsewhere.

Kapua and her 'Ohana (family) launched Honua in 2016, with four primary products that comprised the Honua Ritual, a daily skincare practice designed to clease, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and protect skin. Today, Honua offers over a dozen uniquely crafted products that encompass and blend the best of Hawaiian healing botanicals and modern skincare technology.

Team Bios

Kapua Browning founded Honua Hawaiian Skincare in 2015, when the demand for her Hawaiian crafted products grew beyond her treatment room. Born and raised on O‘ahu as an avid surfer and beach girl, Kapua began to notice sun damage and pigmentation in her own complexion as early as her 20’s. In an attempt to take care of her skin, she became passionate about beauty and began to train in aesthetics and learn about traditional Hawaiian healing and medicinal herbs. After a decade of experience as a licensed esthetician, and extended training in herbalism and product development, Browning began the building blocks for her own hand-crafted skincare collection, Honua Skincare.

The creation of Honua allowed Kapua to share her love for Hawaiian culture, botanicals and aesthetics with the world. Growing up around Hawaiian music, hula, language and the aloha spirit inspired her to infuse these traits into her brand. She aims to put “aloha”, or love and compassion, into everything Honua.

Kapua is an expert in skincare, formulation, ingredients and beauty, in general.

Nicole is currently the Chief Operations Officer of Honua Hawaiian Skincare. Nicole joined Honua in 2018 to help spearhead growth, while adding finance and operations capabilities. Prior to Honua, Nicole did a lot of amazing things, which you will learn about later.

Nicole has extensive experience in finance, operations, startups, ecommerce, CPG, renewable energy.

She lives in San Francisco with two super kids and a pretty cool husband.


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"Gosh, Lisa loves this SPF so much, it’s been in her TOP 3 for years now. Above all, it wears like a dream: goes on light, even, sinks in, smells great, moisturizes and leaves skin looking fresh and healthy. Also love the addition of Hawaiian laukahi and oat bran extract to soothe, noni fruit for a clear appearance and jasmine to help even skin tone. "

Lisa Fennessy

Influencer, This Organic Girl


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