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Date Established 06/2019
Founder Jennifer Kennedy
Headquarters San Diego, California
Fashion, Home, Parenting
Press Contact Rachel Webb


Whether you're buying for your child, or gifting to someone else’s, HoneyBug is reinventing how you shop for kids. HoneyBug celebrates the joy of getting and gifting baby essentials through extraordinary convenience, comprehensive selection and a personalized buying experience that helps you make the right choices every step of the way. With over 1,000 of the hottest baby and kids items around, moms can find new gems, stock up on old favorites and explore the magical world of motherhood, one milestone at a time. HoneyBug's closed source proprietary Build a Box technology, helps parents and gift givers explore thousands of bestselling and high-quality clothes, toys and accessories, not to mention, save 10% each time they create a HoneyBug Box, discovering combinations as unique as their Little One from Pregnancy to Preschool.

HoneyBug is also known for celebrating all of lives little (and big) moments. They feature fun and whimsical collections of clothing and toys for almost every holiday or occasion. Creating one of a kind gifts that celebrate big moments like being Promoted to Big Sibling or a First Birthday. Of course, they also go all out for any and all holiday with things like Trick or Treat goodie boxes, or lending Santa a helping hand with Kid-Approved toy bundles. Whether you’re getting ready for a baby shower, birthday, holiday or other celebration, our unique children’s gifts will always put a smile on your loved one’s face, because at HoneyBug they believe in "Takes More Than a Village, It Takes a Hive."

Founding Story

Jennifer Kennedy launched HoneyBug in 2019 not only in a bid to reinvent baby and kids’ gifting, but in an effort to create a company that supports, listens and fosters female entrepreneurs and young talent. Jennifer founded HoneyBug out of her garage, while holding a full time job as a Senior Vice President of Product Marketing & Innovation at a multi-billion dollar food brand, and navigating life with two small children. As a mom of two, her family’s schedule was constantly overflowing with birthday parties, baby showers and more, and finding the time to shop for the perfect gift became next to impossible.

While successful in her career at global consumer brands, Kennedy always felt that companies missed the opportunity to embrace and cultivate the unique perspective and energy women and mothers brought to the office. Driven by a deep curiosity, resilience and vision for creating a company that celebrated women at all stages of their career, especially Motherhood, HoneyBug was born.

In just a few short months, HoneyBug hit the allusive $1M mark, sadly an uncommon milestone for many female ran businesses, and in 2020 she broke free of the “Golden Handcuffs” keeping her in a role she didn’t love. She moved her team of seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talent into their San Diego, California offices and the rest was history.

HoneyBug is committed to supporting female entrepreneurs, artisans and small business owners, leveraging a strict vendor scorecard to ensure more than 50% of their brands met this mark. Along with this fierce commitment, HoneyBug is unwavering in their support of their working mothers at HoneyBug Headquarters. Along with blanket flexibility to new parents, they also instated mandatory paid days off for the First Day of School, Children’s Birthdays and Mommy/Daddy and Me time.

“Sadly over my career, and as a new mother, only one manager ever truly supported and encouraged me to be both a great business woman and mom. That has to change” says Jennifer. As HoneyBug grows she has visions of on-site daycare, world class maternity and paternity leave and creating a truly industry leading culture that recognizes the only way women can “have it all” in their professional and personal life, is when your company believes you can.

Team Bios

Jennifer Kennedy is a seasoned Brand & Marketing expert, and entrepreneurial Senior Executive with a proven track record of leading and developing products for multi Billion-Dollar brands. With over 18 years of experience in product development and innovation at global brands such as Jack in the Box and Starbucks Coffee, she holds multiple awards for her work over the years, but is the most proud of her work mentoring and developing the next generation of female leaders.

Rachel is a strategic leader driving top and bottom line growth through actionable analyses & effectively communicating stories found in data. After 10 years leading data analytics and insight teams, she transitioned to investor relations to share these stories with the public equity markets. Rachel found her way back to her entrepreneurial roots as the Chief Strategy Officer of HoneyBug.

Madison Elick

Director of Operations

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Mackenzie Webster

Director of Communications

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