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Bringing simplicity, comfort and design to professional women everywhere


Date Established 01/2021
Founder Hikmete Morina
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Hikmete Morina


Crêpe Jumpsuit
Crêpe Jumpsuit $240.00
Double Breasted Virgin Wool Blazer
Double Breasted Virgin Wool Blazer $275.00
Straight Leg Wool Pant
Straight Leg Wool Pant $165.00
Classic Audrey Dress
Classic Audrey Dress $165.00
Classic Black Dress
Classic Black Dress $185.00
Blouse Fleure
Blouse Fleure $120.00
Pleated Blouse
Pleated Blouse $120.00
Wide Leg Pant
Wide Leg Pant $120.00
Blouse Noire
Blouse Noire $120.00
Button Down Blouse
Button Down Blouse $120.00
Pencil Black Skirt
Pencil Black Skirt $85.00


Assembling the right work outfit can be annoying and bewildering, leaving people to struggle every morning. HMÉTÉ offers high-quality, well-designed, and fair-priced workwear for the fashion conscious professional. They understand that a person's day starts the second they wakeup and strive to empower people throughout their daily, professional and personal lives.

HMÉTÉ designs each piece in a way that makes putting together the right outfit a matter of minutes. Their goal is to deliver premium value, decrease waste, and give customers the joy of a timeless wardrobe. HMÉTÉ works with ethical factories, who produce organic and recycled materials to create long lasting pieces, of outstanding design, that can be worn across seasons.

By cutting traditional channels and engaging with their demographic, HMÉTÉ found a way to offer affordable prices for products, specifically designed to fit your needs and move with you throughout the day. People are expected to dress in a professional but approachable manner, but don't want to choose between comfort and style. HMÉTÉ doesn't think you have to, and believes you should wear something that can do it all.

Founding Story

The idea for a clothing line that suited both professional and personal lifestyles came after HMÉTÉ founder, Hikemete Morina realized there were no options for day-to-night workwear that are both stylish and comfortable for young, professional women. There just wasn't a company that tailored itself towards this demographic.

So, she created one.

The HMÉTÉ team is on a mission to bring simplicity, comfort and design to professional women everywhere.

Team Bios

Hikmete Morina

Founder & CEO

see bio

Hikmete started out as an auditor and consultant in Switzerland. She was working in an office, sitting in the same outdated, HR-approved attire for eight hours every day. As a young professional, she realized the office wear currently on the market wasn’t designed to fit this lifestyle; it was designed to fit a dress code. Fortunately, she found a solution: she and her team spent the last two years creating a wardrobe that makes women in the workplace look and feel good.


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