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Date Established 06/2020
Founder Sky Gilbar, David Silverlander
Headquarters Santa Barbara, CA
Home, Beverage
Press Contact Helen Sharp



Your bottle and cup belong together. 

Launched in 2020 on Kickstarter, Hitch is a stainless steel water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside. 

In a sea of overflowing bags, bulky reusables, and single-use waste, Hitch wanted to bring joy back to the often mundane act of packing and carrying what people need.

The company used design-forward thinking to understand everyday carrying challenges, and create solutions that help people move better and live more sustainably. Hitch products are crafted using high quality, food-grade and BPA-free materials, all while being easy to clean and care for.

Hitch raised more than $2 million on Kickstarter making it the most funded water bottle of all time.

Founding Story

Hitch launched its first product, the Hitch Bottle and Cup on Kickstarter in 2020, hoping that other people had the same needs as they did did to carry better. With the support of over 25,000 backers in 105 countries, it became the most backed reusable ever. As Hitch is introduced to the world, it's out to bring a little joy to everyone who lives life on the move, one bottle and cup at a time.Hitch is here to empower people to protect our planet and create a climate positive future. From customers who use Hitch products to live more sustainably, to their team who design out the waste from their products, to their company offsetting their footprint while restoring ecosystems, Hitch strives to fulfill this mission each and every day.

Hitch is a climate neutral certified, full-sized water bottle with a removable, insulated coffee cup hidden inside. With each bottle purchased, Hitch funds the planting of 1 tree through its partner One Tree Planted. To date, Hitch has helped plant over 25,000 trees across five continents. With every order, Hitch also funds the cleanup and removal of 100 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean with partner Plastic Bank, who recycles these plastics and turns them into new products.

Team Bios

David Silverlander


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As a lifelong endurance athlete, David Silverander brings discipline and dedication to everything he does. After graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Yale, David worked in Silicon Valley as a product manager, which eventually led him to become COO of the athletic apparel company, rabbit. 

His greatest happiness comes from enjoying the outdoors with the people he loves and he’s passionate about preserving the environment for the enjoyment of future generations.

Sky Gilbar


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Sky Gilbar is an experienced designer and innovation strategist who has worked with global brands like Google and Coca-Cola, as well as social impact ventures like Parker Clay, Yellow Leaf Hammocks, and Kaibae Foods.

When he’s not busy creating The Next Big Thing, he’s spending time with his twin daughters in Santa Barbara. 


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