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Date Established 06/2020
Founder Alex Waddell, Trevor Norlock, Justin Cheung, David Yao, John Duran, Jasper Eisenberg, Brooke Waddell
Headquarters San Mateo, California
Home, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Justin Cheung


Hemp & Hand believes in making sustainable hemp based personal care products that are good for you and good for the environment. They bring healthy compounds and sweet-smelling hemp terpenes into everyday essentials like sanitizers, deodorants, lip balms, gummies, and candles. The result is more eco-friendly products that smell great and uplift your mood.

Founding Story

Hemp & Hand was founded June, 2020, by a group of friends who have built startups together since 2006. While the Covid-19 pandemic brought chaos and uncertainty, it also brought an opportunity to get the band back together again!

The team began researching to find meaningful problems to solve for consumers. A few weeks later, Hemp & Hand was born with the mission to create the highest quality products that promote good health and spread good vibes.

Team Bios

Alex Waddell

Biz Dev + Finance

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When not working around the clock handling finance and logistics, Alex likes to swim, chill in hot tubs, go to Giants and Warriors games, and talk about Seinfield. Have you seen Ted Lasso? Quite funny!

Trevor Norlock

Sales + Strategy

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Yes, Trevor has been working sales since 2005: cold calling, premium accounts, managing global teams. He's been there, he's done that. He's also been all around the world and can talk your ear off about most anything. He loves Hemp and is an awesome gardener.

Justin Cheung


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Justin does a little bit of everything and likes things organized. When not working, he enjoys live music, hanging out with his wife and kid, and spreading good vibes.

David Yao


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David just makes things work. His dedication to efficiency and his ability to say it how it is keeps the team on track and on balance. Oh yea, he also loves motorcycles and burning man.

John Duran

Research and Development

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What can't John do? He specializes in everything! Find him surfing, snowboarding, building climbing walls, being a dedicated father and husband, and being a pertinent figure to his team.

Brooke Waddell


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She gets things done fast! With a natural eye for all things positive. You can trust her with the keys. Finding a natural way to deliver a message that is strong yet subtle, Brooke is always increasing visibility in an organic way. And, she has a killer laugh!




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