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Hello Adorn

Celebrate Your Story with Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry


Date Established 01/2013
Founder Jess Gardner
Headquarters Eau Claire
Press Contact Courtney Parker


Hello Adorn is a handcrafted jewelry company that strives to help individuals express their unique personalities and stories through beautifully crafted, customizable pieces. Established to champion individuality and self-expression, our expansive product range includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from high-quality materials. Our team of skilled artisans puts their hearts and souls into creating each unique, beautiful, and meaningful piece, ensuring our customers have a special, personal, and memorable experience. With a strong commitment to our core values, we aim to continue growing and giving back through social good initiatives.

Founding Story

The inspiring journey of Hello Adorn began with a vision to empower individuals in showcasing their unique personalities and stories through customizable, handcrafted jewelry. Each masterpiece created by our dedicated artisans is a testament to their commitment and passion, ensuring every customer receives special, personalized, and memorable pieces. As we continue to flourish, our core values — embracing individuality, promoting self-expression, and contributing to social good initiatives — stay firmly at the heart of everything we do, driving our mission to bring beautiful, meaningful jewelry to people all over the world.


Tiny Twist Earrings
Tiny Twist Earrings $32.00
Tiny Horseshoe Earrings
Tiny Horseshoe Earrings $32.00
Tiny Hoops
Tiny Hoops $28.00
Teeny-Tiny Band
Teeny-Tiny Band $20.00
New Moon Pendant
New Moon Pendant $58.00
Double Up Ear Cuff
Double Up Ear Cuff $24.00
Endless Hoops
Endless Hoops $32.00
Tiny Dot Studs
Tiny Dot Studs $30.00
Herkimer Diamond Studs
Herkimer Diamond Studs $56.00
Valley Trio
Valley Trio $74.00
Mini Annex Studs
Mini Annex Studs $44.00
Confetti Ring
Confetti Ring $52.00
Herra Chain
Herra Chain $64.00
Mini Swoops
Mini Swoops $40.00
Cleo Ring
Cleo Ring $52.00
Tiny Links Bracelet
Tiny Links Bracelet $34.00
Tiny Dot Initial Necklace
Tiny Dot Initial Necklace $48.00
Tiny Links Necklace
Tiny Links Necklace $40.00
Triple Wrap Ring
Triple Wrap Ring $52.00
Beaded Ear Cuff
Beaded Ear Cuff $22.00
Ear Cuff Duo
Ear Cuff Duo $40.00
Monday Backdrop
Monday Backdrop $40.00
Tiny Ball Studs
Tiny Ball Studs $30.00
Tiny Vibes Necklace
Tiny Vibes Necklace $48.00
Satellite Chain
Satellite Chain $58.00
Eclipse Studs
Eclipse Studs $32.00
Hammered Cuff
Hammered Cuff $66.00
Supermoon Necklace
Supermoon Necklace $48.00
Cigar Band
Cigar Band $46.00
Double Falls
Double Falls $78.00
Linked Necklace
Linked Necklace $50.00
Tiny Heart Studs
Tiny Heart Studs $30.00
Swell Ring
Swell Ring $52.00
Dagger Drop Hoops
Dagger Drop Hoops $48.00
Cypress Hoops
Cypress Hoops $54.00
Tides Cuff
Tides Cuff $88.00

Team Bios

When Jess lost both of her parents, there was a heavy realization that tomorrow isn’t a guarantee and seemingly small moments are precious. The big dreams she was chasing no longer fit and didn’t allow time to enjoy the small things that made her happy.


That's when she decided to participate in life in a totally different way. So she set out to create a smaller dream—one that would allow her to prioritize happiness and focus on the things she love. Her small dream came to life as she built a brand doing something she enjoyed, with people she loved, in a setting that inspired her.

She now makes beautiful jewelry that delights her as much as the people she make it for. When she let go of her big dreams for a small one, she started to enjoy her life, together and truly happy.

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