Next Generation Personalized and Adaptive Supplements Launched by Healthycell in Partnership with Panaceutics Healthycell and Panaceutics partner to launch personalized and adaptive human nutritional supplements using patent-pending pill-free gel formulation technology to enable infinitely variable customization.
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CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Healthycell ( today announced that it has partnered with Research Triangle Park-based Panaceutics Nutrition ( to enable on-demand creation of personalized nutrition gel formulas at scale. These formulas will be created in response to customers' individual biomarker readings and, eventually, predictive analytics.

With five products currently on-market, Healthycell is leading innovation in nutritional gels to replace pills in the $58 billion U.S. dietary supplement industry. Its ingestible gel dietary supplement products are taken straight from the gel pack, mixed into drinks, or blended into smoothies. Healthycell's new line of personalized gels creates the first outcome-based service where customers pay a monthly fee for testing and personalized gel formulations that are adapted over time to keep their nutrient levels optimized.

Historically, supplement personalization has been based on qualitative data from customer surveys, genomic analysis or static biomarker analysis, which fail to capture physiological outcomes, time variability and externalities such as diet. Healthycell's unique offering replaces the assortment of pills consumed by the typical supplement user, with a single, easy-to-use gel pack with nutrient contents that can be varied over time to achieve and maintain an optimal outcome.

"The future of human nutrition lies at the intersection of three core pillars: superior delivery, nutritional status monitoring and personalization," commented Healthycell CEO, Douglas Giampapa. "First, pill-free, ultra-absorption delivery systems. Second, validation via testing of biomarkers to determine actual rather than hypothetical levels of nutritional status. Third, personalization informed by real-time health data, which enable individualized formulations that match each customer's nutritional needs. We're delighted to collaborate with Panaceutics as a critical partner enabling us to offer this solution. We're enabling a mass market capability in response to the widespread demand for individually tailored consumer products and services, which have only been available as a niche offering."

Adam Monroe, CEO of Panaceutics, added: "We're very pleased to be working with Healthycell, the leading market player in gel-based dietary supplements, so this partnership is a natural fit. Our disruptive technology uses proprietary robotics, in combination with digital health platforms to rapidly manufacture personalized products at scale to serve individuals' needs and health conditions."

Panaceutic's robotic manufacturing technology makes use of 12 patents and is the only system currently capable of delivering customized, pill-free, all-in-one nutrition pouches to customers. A 30-day supply is built in a few minutes and delivered without refrigeration, directly to the consumer.

About Healthycell

Healthycell is an advanced nutrition company helping people reach their potential through optimized health. It uses clinically proven, patent-pending ingestible gel technology called MICROGEL™ to deliver nutrients people can absorb and results they can measure in a pill-free experience they love. Their great-tasting dietary supplement gels are taken straight from the gel pack, mixed into drinks, or blended into smoothies. The company's products and services are built at the intersection of three core pillars driving the future of human nutrition: (1) pill-free, ultra-absorption delivery systems, (2) validation via testing of biomarkers, and (3) Personalization. To learn more, visit

About Panaceutics

Founded in 2018, Panaceutics applies patented technology to produce customized nutritional products that can be personalized based on dietary assessments, genetic, microbiome and blood-based diagnostics, preferences, or beliefs, then delivered directly to end consumers. Panaceutics' automated robotic blending and manufacturing technology supports economical customization of nutrition products. To learn more, visit

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