Hast Launches Modern Kitchen Knives For The Home Cook Beautiful Designs with Professional-Grade Performance To Inspire Creativity
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK (January 7,  2021) – New company Hast launches with a set of chic kitchen knives with Japanese-style blades, targeted to novice and advanced cooks alike. Hast combines minimalistic and function-forward design, with advanced materials and engineering, to create an ergonomic delight that transforms everyday cooking from a chore to daily inspiration.

Hast Edition Series Knives are ultra-sharp, thin, light, versatile, and easy-to-maintain. Designed to bring out the joy and essence of cooking, the seamless body, extended handle and harmonious proportions set these knives apart in aesthetic and function. With the support of passionate chefs around the world, Hast is able to roll out a full line of kitchen knives at affordable prices for premium, professional-grade knives.

Hast was funded on Kickstarter in 2019 by their Founder, Elliot Cao. "Our goal was simple, we wanted to make an accessible kitchen knife that was more relevant to modern cooking, to inspire eagerness in home chefs to pull out the cutting board," said Cao.

Matrix Powder Steel is the driving force of superior performance for Hasts' knives. Combining this physically harder and stronger steel with their precision manufacturing techniques, their products are sharper, more durable and easier to care for than high-carbon steel knives, that often need special attention to maintain. The Hast Edition 8” Chef’s Knife is 36% above CATRA’s Excellent Sharpness Standard and 120% above the Excellent Durability Standard, the global benchmark for the best knives around the world.

Hast is proud to present 6 kitchen knives and full sets, as well as sharpening and knife holder accessories. Available on their website and Amazon to purchase globally. Visit hast.co to learn more.

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