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The first CX channel that is video focused


Founder Fran Brzyski
Press Contact Fran Brzyski


Hark, a New York based startup, is on a mission to change how customers communicate with their favorite brands for anything post purchase.

This new customer experience channel allows customers to easily take a video, explain their problem or ask a question about a product, and click submit in less than 30 seconds. They can then track the status of their request after the fact so they trust it is being worked on.

Hark takes all of this information and packages it up into the ‘perfect ticket” for an agent to solve quickly. Benefits of this to service teams include increase in one touch resolutions, decreased cost per ticket, decreased avg handling time per ticket, and increase in CSAT.

Further, companies will enjoy access to a dashboard that ecompasses insight around consumer sentiment and voice of the customer reports like never before.

Founding Story

Fran has over a decade of experience working in various roles across different staged startups. Most recently, he was the Head of Sales for an AI driven startup focused on bringing consumer sentiment to life at the pre-purchase level. Becoming obsessed with consumer trends, he constantly felt that buying journeys were becoming digital and evolving quickly. However, post purchase experiences were much more like a job than a journey.

Further, it was clear that asynchronous video communication is the way of the future and there were no customer experience channels addressing it. This was the impetus behind Hark.

As Fran moved into creation phase, a clear pain point for brands was exposed Service teams are trying to be everywhere the customer is, but it is extremely costly and labor intensive. By using video asynchronously, Hark was able to build a process that would streamline processes on the back end for service teams by integrating into their help desk software and construct 'the perfect ticket'.


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