Hair Craft Co. Launches Hair Powder What The Heck is Hair Powder?
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California, October 27, 2021 - What the heck is hair powder? Hair Powder, a charcoal-based hair powder, instantly adds texture and volume to create a fuller look and feel, with a soft matte finish that lasts throughout the day. With its lightweight formula and fresh scent, hair powder is the perfect travel-friendly hair product to ensure your hair is always looking its best.

Over the last year, Hair Craft Co. watched as hair powder gained significant popularity amongst men and noticed the lack of alternative hair powder available in the market. The company took this as an opportunity to enhance current formulas in the market, providing a unique twist using charcoal and a fresh scent that was not available at the time.

The charcoal-based formula allows hair powder to absorb impurities and detoxify hair roots using their unique wet to dry technology. This revolutionary powder contains silica that has the ability to thicken your hair while moisturizing for a long-lasting wear and visibly more volume.

The product can be used as a stand alone styler, or as as a volumizer if you’re looking to amp up your look in combination with their other products, such as Hair Craft Co.'s sea salt spray. For best results, hair powder should be used on dry hair. Simply apply one to two shakes of hair powder directly to the hair, work the powder into the hair and move the hair towards the direction desired for styling. Finish with your favorite Hair Craft products.

At Hair Craft Co., we're committed to bringing new and innovative products to market by meticulously analyzing shopping trends, and listening to customers' feedback on what they’d like to see us develop. Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

Leo Carrillo, Co-Founder/CEO


About Hair Craft Co.

Hair Craft Co. believes that every man deserves a high-quality hair product at a fair price. They aren’t looking to be another “men’s haircare brand”, but rather want to be a part of the daily routine. Hair Craft Co. focuses its attention on keeping men's hair up to date with fashion trends and matching their lifestyle with the correct stylers while integrating the highest quality tested ingredients.

As a growing brand competing against large corporations, Hair Craft Co.'s commitment will always be the same - to create products that get your hair right, so you can conquer every day looking good and feeling confident. Since starting the company in 2018, Hair Craft Co. earned Amazon’s Choice Badge across their entire product line and impacted thousands of men to look good, feel good, and be great.


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