Hair Craft Co. Launches Hair Moisturizer The Men's Hair Product You Didn't Know You Needed
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San Diego, California, September 15, 2021 - Hair Craft Co. announces today one of their most innovative offerings yet, the Hair Moisturizer. The frizz defying styler, primes hair and supplies hair the hydration it seeks - making it an ideal go-to for styling all hair types and lengths.

The conceptualization of the product began after conducting extensive research and listening to customer feedback. The brand realized there weren’t any products on the market that lived up to the expectations of a traditional leave-in conditioner. While moisturizers and leave-in conditioners are common in the women's category, the options for men were extremely limited.

With over a year in development, Hair Moisturizer launched in June, offering the perfect solution to guys' hair that had been damaged or dried out by the summer sun. This versatile product features a blend of soothing ingredients, most notably, argan oil. Argan oil works to revive your hair's radiance, repair splitting hairs, and prevent moisture from escaping so your hair always has the shine and feel it deserves.

There are two common ways to apply this product: Before bed, or as a pre-styler to start your day. Adding before bed allows the conditioner to sink into your roots and hydrate your hair throughout the night. While applying as a pre-styler allows for easier styling when combined with other products - thus adding additional shine, creating a more touchable finish to hair throughout the day, as well as accentuating ones natural curls .

If you’re commonly using hair stylers on an everyday basis, your hair will begin to lose some of its natural oils and texture. Hair Moisturizer is what every man needs to bring his flow back to its original radiance. It's an essential addition to every countertop.

At Hair Craft Co., we're committed to bringing new and innovative products to market, meticulously analyzing shopping trends, and listening to customers' feedback on what they’d like to see us develop. Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

Leo Carrillo, Co-Founder/CEO



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