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Guided by Glow

Sexual meditation app for women


Date Established 02/2020
Founder Sayra Player
Headquarters North America
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Rachel Johnston


Guided By Glow is a team of writers, actors, creators and producers working alongside a network of wellness practitioners to bring forth an app designed to deepen a woman's connection to her sexuality. Sex is power and they are here to help you claim yours.

Founding Story

Their mission is to create a transformational practice of awakening the sensual feeling body that ignites imagination and cultivates a positively thriving sexuality.


Sayra Player

Founder, CEO

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Kate T. Billingsley

Creative Director of Community

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Shea Graham

Licensed Psychotherapist, Wellness Expert

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Margaret Champagne

Sound Producer

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Neil Halpin

Music and Sound Design

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Lexi Geschke, Nimble

Marketing Director

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Jasmin Perez

Client Community Support

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Hiral Atha

Development, Moveo Apps

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Geoffrey Orion Poppler

Creative Advisor & Marketing Producer

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