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Founder Peter Goodwin
Headquarters Nashville, TN
Press Contact JLS PR


Groove Life, the active accessories maker, has revolutionized wedding bands and watch brands with stylish, durable, breathable silicone rings and bands. Groove Life products are designed for men and women whether at work, in the gym or in the wilderness. Made of medical-grade silicone, Groove Life rings and watch bands are flexible yet durable. The patented grooves allow air to flow in and moisture to flow out, making Groove Life the only breathable ring ready for adventure. 

Founder Peter Goodwin dreamed up the Groove Life ring on the banks of famous Moraine Creek in Alaska’s Katmai National Park while working as an outdoor adventure guide. He needed a wedding band on par with his active gear, a ring made to last but low profile and that could be worn in water. 

Designed for men and women, the rings come in a variety of colors and designs, traditional metallic colors, to officially licensed Marvel, NFL, Mossy Oak, and  NCAA Collegiate rings. Groove Life products are favored by celebrities like Tony Hawk, Olympians, NFL players, MMA champions, pro fishermen, and more. Groove Life offers an iron-clad 94-Year No BS warranty. If it stretches, breaks,  gets lost or eaten by a fish they will replace it every time. 

Founding Story

Groove Life founder, Peter Goodwin, needed a wedding band that was on par with his other adventure/work gear. Groove Ring was first thought of on the banks of the famous Moraine Creek in Katmai National Park. 

While raising four young kids, building an adventure lodge, and running his guiding business, Peter worked nights for eight months perfecting the Groove Ring design. His focus? Finding the best materials and developing functional designs with an unlimited warranty. Groove Ring was kickstarted in December 2015 and has grown to be the industry leader for active, adventurous people needing high-quality products that match their lifestyle.


Airpod Case
Airpod Case $39.95
Groove Wallet
Groove Wallet $99.95
Groove Life x Guy Harvey Rings
Groove Life x Guy Harvey Rings $44.95
Apple Watch Band
Apple Watch Band $44.95
The Groove Belt
The Groove Belt $49.95
Ring $29.95

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