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Here at Granitestone, it's our goal to create cookware you can count on - no matter where you are in life because we know how important making memories in the kitchen is.


Date Established 06/2016
Founder Jack Guindi
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Aliza Elias


Granitestone is a family owned cookery brand based in NYC, who's aim is to eliminate the challenges & frustrations one typically faces when shopping and using cookware. We started with a single fry pan in 2015, and now what we are most known for are our massive, color coordinated 20 piece "Kitchen-in-a-Box" sets! Our cookware and bakeware are all dishwasher safe, oven safe up to 500 degrees, metal utensil safe, non-stick, non-scratch, PTFE & PFOA free and some even are stackable and induction compatible.

We pride ourselves on empowering the consumer. Firstly, by providing transparency on different types of cooking terms and coatings. Secondly, by offering a massive and diverse assortment of coatings, configurations, textures, and colors all on our site for the customer to to have the power to chose. And third, by having sets specially suited to meet our customer's current level in the kitchen. Our goal is to have everyone cooking-in more and enjoying healthier meals with their loved ones!

Founding Story

Granitestone is a family owned cookware brand launched in New York City, by immigrants who left everything behind when coming to New York except their recipes! Inspired by the city that never sleeps which our founders call home, our cookware is designed to make home cooking fit practically into any lifestyle. Whether your'e a college student who's cooking journey just started, or youre a fully seasoned chef who frequently hosts meals for family and loved ones. Granitestone is there with you every step of the way. Our founder knows the joy and memories a simple homecooked meal conjures. People longing for their hometowns can get a taste through a traditional dish, truces created over a shared meal of pasta, milestones and celebrations all shared over a hearty meal. Food brings people together. Everyone has the right to experience that with cookery that dosen't get in the way of life, but enhances it.

We started out with our original 9.5" fry pan which had some of our most popular features...metal utensil safe, non-stick, oven safe up to 500 degrees and totally dishwasher safe. It was a hit. People were posting their one pan meals on social, moms were raving about how easy this made dinner time. We knew we were on to something. We then expanded and decided to provide pots and sauce pans, some in sets, all with the same features. Now people were making even larger meals with our pots! We then expanded to create jumbo pans and family pans (as immigrants, we never have a meal with less than 10 people!) and those were a hit. Most recently, we added induction capable collections, luxe collections made of hammered steel exteriors, bakeware, electrics and cast iron. What we are now most known for are our "Kitchen in a Box" sets, 20 pieces of cookware, bakeware all color coordinated with the capabilities our customer base has come to love.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive brand. When viewing our product catalog one can see recipes and dishes from various countries, ethnicities and cultures which our Creative Director has collected from her travels with the goal of making sure everyone sees a dish that reminds them of home when shopping Granitestone. That is somehting we are comitted to.

Granitestone has become a household name in cookware across the US & Canada. Our DTC divison, compromised and led by a younger millenial team, has made shopping the brand's assortment easily accesible. With helpful content on social, and transparency on complex cookware terms like "Hard Anodized" or "PTFE/ PFOA Free", we have gained customer's trust in us and can be there with them in the kitchen in "spirit" guiding them every step of the way.

Our goals are to continue putting power in the consumer's hand when cookware shopping and bringing awareness to the worrld's cultures through the love of food!


Kitchen In A Box 20pc - Cook, Bake, Steam, Fry - Complete Kitchen Set
Kitchen In A Box 20pc - Cook, Bake, Steam, Fry - Complete Kitchen Set $199.99
2-in-1 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Dutch Oven
2-in-1 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Dutch Oven $79.99
Granitestone 10 PC Hammered Steel Cookware Set
Granitestone 10 PC Hammered Steel Cookware Set $299.99


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