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Goodie Girl

Gluten-free cookies and breakfast biscuits


Date Established 04/2014
Founder Shira Berk
Headquarters Ridgefield
Press Contact Ilya Welfeld, Seymour PR


Goodie Girl makes healthier, wholesome and better tasting versions of iconic treats. Based in NJ, Goodie Girl specializes in creating gluten free cookies with surprising flavors and exciting twists on cookie classics that evoke the fantasy of childhood such as: Mint Cookies, Fudge Striped, Chocolate Creme, Magical Animal Crackers, Birthday Cake, & Dairy & Egg Free Breakfast Biscuits and even limited-edition seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin Pie. Founder, Shira Berk, started baking in a home kitchen, grew to use an entrepreneurial kitchen incubator and then moved to a contract bakery. In May 2014,  Goodie Girl then partnered with renowned Toufayan Bakery, one of the most prominent family bakeries in the county. Now as a proud little sister to the incredible Toufayan family, Good Girl provides something for everyone, including those with egg and gluten-avoidance. As a woman-led business, Goodie Girl embodies the inspiring energy of NYC, where, in one year, an idea like yummy gluten-free cookies can go from the small-time to the big time, primed to reach a hungry wide market. Available direct from the website and nationwide at major retailers such as on Amazon and Fresh Direct and at Whole Foods, Publix, Target, Walmart, Kings, Giant and more.

Founding Story

Goodie Girl Founder, Shira Berk, is a former entertainment public relations professional who nurtured some of America’s most prominent brands in publishing and music including, Rolling Stone, US Weekly and alternative record label Beggars Banquet. After exiting the music business, Shira began channeling her creative energy into making great tasting treats at her small Goodie Girl café in Tribeca. A self-trained baker, with bold instincts for things “alternative”, Shira spent countless hours blending bagfuls of crazy flours to create her ridiculously delicious cookies using all-natural, better-for-you ingredients.  Shira’s vision was to create a great tasting cookie with natural ingredients that everyone could enjoy…whether you are gluten-free or wanting to eat more naturally.The cookies were a big hit at the café, with her kids and all their friends. That’s how Goodie Girl Cookies were born. 


Pumpkin Pie Sandwich Cookies
Pumpkin Pie Sandwich Cookies $5.49
Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits
Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits $5.49
Mint Cookies
Mint Cookies $5.49
Magical Animal Crackers
Magical Animal Crackers $5.49
Mini Brown Sugar Oat Flour Cookies
Mini Brown Sugar Oat Flour Cookies $5.49
Double Stuffed Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies
Double Stuffed Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies $5.49

Team Bios

Shira Berk Bio Image

Shira Berk


see bio

After leaving the music industry, Goodie Girl Founder, Shira Berk, started to shift her creative energy into making great tasting treats for her kids and friends. Not really trained as a baker, Shira spent hours experimenting with countless bags of rice, oat, buckwheat flour to come up great tasting cookies that were all natural made with better-for-you ingredients.The cookies were a hit with her kids and their friends. Shira soon realized more moms and kids should be enjoying these great tasting treats and decided to revolutionize the cookie aisle and introduce Goodie Girl Cookies. Goodie Girl was Shira’s nickname growing up as Shira loved “treats”. The Goodie Girl name also fit the brand’s mission which is to make wholesome, better tasting iconic treats using better-for-you ingredients so everyone can enjoy them.


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Fresh Direct
Giant Foods


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