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Good Zing

Web-based platform to access health and wellbeing information


Date Established 01/2017
Founder Serena Oppenheim
Tech, Beauty
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Good Zing is a free web-based platform that allows everyone access to the best health and wellbeing tips for all of their everyday issues. Think of it like Yelp or TripAdvisor – but for health. Instead of finding restaurants or hotels, users can search for and peruse a variety of different options for various ailments through rated reviews for everything from anxiety to acne.In addition to user-generated tips, there are recommendations from more than 200 verified and qualified practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including doctors, health coaches, Ayurveda practitioners, nutritional therapists, and psychologists. With over 3000 wellbeing tips encompassing 180+ topics, this platform aims to be your ultimate database for wellbeing information.


Serena Oppenheim

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Prior to starting Good Zing, Serena Oppenheim led a renewable energy venture developing windfarm projects. After successfully exiting this business, Serena went on to gain her MBA from Columbia Business School. She has a Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy from SOAS and earned her BA from Brown University.BACKGROUND Oppenheim is deeply passionate about providing easily-accessible healthcare tips for the public. Having experienced nine operations, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromalygia, and a whole host of other health issues, she on a mission to help everyone source the best information possible to guide them on their own self-care and health literacy journeys.


“I love the mission for Good Zing! I’m thrilled to see that someone has put the care and attention into creating a wellness library that aggregates this important health information, making it readily available and accessible.”

Justine Parker, USA, Ayurveda and Reiki Practioner


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