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Glow Flow Chefs

Wellness brand with stress-relieving, instant, adaptogenic latte blends


Date Established 12/2017
Founder Emily Leefe-Foster, Amy Leefe-jones
Headquarters New Orleans, LA USA
Press Contact Amy


Bliss Cacao Latte
Bliss Cacao Latte $24.99
Energizing Matcha Latte
Energizing Matcha Latte $24.99
Healing Turmeric Latte
Healing Turmeric Latte $24.99


Glow Flow Chefs is a wellness brand started by twin sisters, Amy and Emily. Through life and health coaching, workshops, online programs, and product offerings, the duo helps people enhance their health and happiness so they can reach their full potential.Together they create personalized lifestyle plans that assist clients in feeling vibrant, energized, and confident (glowing and flowing). The company launched its line of super-powered latte blends in the UK in February 2017.

Founding Story

“Once we discovered the power of adaptogens, tonic herbs and superfoods, there was no going back!” Amy & Emily, Co-Founders

We wanted to share how they influenced our lives with everyone. They minimized our stress, boosted our energy levels, soothed our inflammation and helped us relax. They brought our bodies back to a state we hadn't felt in a long time - relaxed, calm, focused and motivated.

We wanted others to experience what we had. We wanted others to be able to consume them as we were - in a delicious, enjoyable way.

We were drinking adaptogenic lattes everyday, and we realized the process to make the lattes was time consuming. We added the hot water and milk (coconut or almond milk), added teaspoons of adaptogens, added tocos, and then added either matcha, turmeric and cacao. We'd then blend the concoction in the Vitamix. The result was a delicous, creamy latte, but this process took time and was messy.

We started making big batches of the adaptogens, the tocos, the matcha, turmeric or cacao so all we would have to do in the morning was get a few tablespoons of the mix and add that to hot water and non-dairy mix. This saved a lot of time.

We started traveling around with these blends so we could have an adaptogenic latte on the airplane or a latte in the hotel room or cafe.

People kept asking us about the blends and if they could buy some. We realized there was a need for a quick way to make delicious, stress-relieving, energizing lattes.

Through our adaptogenic latte blends, we hope to show people that decreasing stress, increasing energy and decreasing inflammation doesn't have to be hard or unpleasurable. Adaptogens are powerful plants and herbs that can bring the body back to balance and help people function at optimal levels. Our goal is to spread the adaptogen message and help people live happier lives. 


Amy Leefe-jones

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Certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher

Certified Ayurvedic health coach

Amy has a passion to help others feel successful, balanced, confident, and fulfilled with a strong desire to help people feel happy. When Amy see people going through a tough time, she has a burning desire to understand why – to really get to the root of the issue and to help them get to a better place. As a life coach, Amy works with others to help them uncover past beliefs and emotional blocks that may be preventing them from getting what they want in life. She assist clients in discovering what lights them up (their passions/purpose) and works with them to set and achieve their deepest desires and goals.

Emily Leefe-Foster

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Certified raw-food chef from Matthew Kenney Culinary.

Certified health coach with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Emily is a raw-food, plant-based chef who believes strongly in eating with the seasons. When it’s cold outside, I feel our bodies deserve warming, cooked foods that heat us up and nourish our souls. In the summer months, I am all about raw foods – lots of smoothies, salads, and cold soups – that keep us feeling light and energetic when the sun is beating down. I long to get people excited about food and its powerful healing abilities. I believe above anything else that food is medicine; that we can drastically alter the state of our health by discovering foods that revitalize and nurture our system.




This is my favorite blend! I love this blend. It is absolutely delicious. Personally, I keep it simple and just mix it with organic almond milk. I highly recommend it as an early morning or mid-afternoon energy boost!

Shelly, Energizing Matcha Latte

I was looking for something to replace my morning coffee that would nourish me and still feel like a delicious ritual. I had no idea I'd be tossing this stuff in EVERYTHING. Love it!

Tory D., Bliss Cacao Latte

I have made it a nightly routine to make a turmeric latte! I use almond milk and add a bit on cinnamon. I have tried to add turmeric to my lifestyle before and had a difficult time with the taste. This blend is truly enjoyable!

Brittney, Healing Turmeric Latte


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