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A non-alcoholic aperitif with surrealist design


Date Established 06/2020
Founder Melanie Masarin
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Lia Berger, Isetta PR


Ghia is a non-alcoholic beverage brand inspired by Mediterranean aperitivo culture from founder Melanie Masarin (previously of Dig Inn and Glossier) with the goal of changing the way we think about drinking and socializing.

In June 2020 Ghia launched with their hero product, The Aperitif with a flavor that is both bright and bitter with hints of citrus & florals with a transparent formula and health-forward ingredients including Gentian Root, Lemon Balm, Fig, Elderflower, and no added sugar.
In April 2021 they expanded their offerings with Le Spritz, a ready-to-drink, single serve can that features Ghia’s signature formula balanced with a splash of sparkling water and an additional twist of yuzu and rosemary - a preparation that’s become a favorite at-home recipe among customers. Ghia is available for purchase through their website and at more than 300 stockists across the country, including Erewhon in Los Angeles.

Founding Story

Founder Melanie Masarin created Ghia to change the way we think about drinking and socializing. Ghia is meant to bring intention to every sip and support the creation of your own memories, whether that’s mixing up a cocktail to your favorite music, having a deeper conversation, or a few more turns on the dance floor. Masarin was inspired by the summers enjoyed with her family in the South of France near the Mediterranean. Many of those moments were spent entertaining friends, cooking together, and having conversations that lasted until dawn, fueled by her grandmother’s homemade limoncello made with fresh-picked lemons. With those memories in mind, Ghia is meant to connect over shared experiences and create a moment to remember.


Apéritif $33.00
Le Spritz (Ghia Soda)
Le Spritz (Ghia Soda) $18.00
Le Spritz (Ghia Ginger)
Le Spritz (Ghia Ginger) $18.00
First Sip Kip
First Sip Kip $60.00

Team Bios

Melanie Masarin founded Ghia, a spirit-free aperitif, to change the way we think about drinking and socializing. She is the recipient of a Forbes 30 under 30 (2018; e-comm & retail) award and since launch, Ghia has been praised by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and many others. To create Ghia, she bottled up her personal passions and work experience in retail and hospitality. Most recently, Melanie was the Head of Retail and Offline Experiences at Glossier where she led the offline and experiential strategy including the creative direction of their showrooms, developing pop-ups, and conceptualizing permanent spaces. Prior to that, she was the Creative Director and Head of Marketing at Dig Inn, where she led the rebrand of the company overseeing everything from messaging, communication, store design, branding, digital presence, paid advertising, and offline marketing.


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