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Date Established
Founder Whitney Eckis + Spencer Moran
Headquarters San Diego, California
Press Contact Heather Henderson


Instant Coffee + Hemp
Instant Coffee + Hemp $34.99
Instant Coffee
Instant Coffee $14.99


Get Supr is an instant coffee infused with hemp extract. This instant coffee stick allows you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee while softening anxiety’s presence—ideal for a world where people are looking for sustained vitality while alleviating stress.

Get Supr is for the travelers, the hustlers, the mommas, and the papas of the world. The ones who need the energy when it matters most. The individuals who are up for the moments asking the most of them to show up for their dreams, ambitions, and loved ones. For those who prioritize bringing a bit of wellness and peace of mind to their on-the-go endeavors.

And for those seeking the roasted goodness of on-the-go support sans the hemp extract, Get Supr has a stick for that too!

Founding Story

Founders Whitney Eckis + Spencer Moran both discovered that coffee was providing the energy they both needed but was also increasing their anxiety and stress levels.

Later Whitney was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder and was challenged to give up her morning cup of coffee. She found out that by adding water-soluble hemp extract into her coffee, she was able to enjoy her morning cup of joe while softening the presence of anxiety.

In an instant, Get Supr became the go-to for wellness in a little porcelain cup. Their instant coffee packets make Get Supr easy to incorporate into your daily life. Whether that is throwing a stick in your bag for your mid afternoon boost between meetings or packing sticks for traveling so that you always have calm-focused energy available to you, get Supr is not just another coffee brand. Get Supr allows you to bring wellness anywhere you go. This lil red stick is about to become your new best friend and travel necessity.


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