Fashionably Stepping Into Fall: French Knot Releases 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Collection French Knot releases new Fall/Winter Collection featuring handmade, hand dyed, and ethically sourced apparel
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(Lafayette, IN — OCTOBER 26, 2021) — As fall approaches, it's time to pull out our favorite cozy attire. With the release of their 2021-2022 collection, French Knot will be the go-to this season for all things cozy, and will accent any outfit with their stylish and unique apparel. These accessories are warm enough for the ski lift, but chic enough for Paris.

French Knot has launched their first-ever scarves as part of their new fall/winter 2021-2022 collection release, rounding out French Knot’s offerings. The scarves come in two styles, Woodstock and Tilly. Made with four colorways that have matching hats and hand warmers, shoppers will be able to customize their own set.

Inspired by their favorite florals, vintage textures and heirloom stitches, this year's collection features hues of sorbet, powder blue, melon, and yellow in designs for every style and age.

“There is something so special about the new pieces we're offering this season,” said Lindsay Mason, owner of French Knot. “All the stitches, patchwork, crochet, and details can only be done by hand, making each one a work of art. Machines simply can't replicate the amazing work of our artisans.”

Along with the French Knot classic techniques such as hand embroidered florals and delicate beading, the vintage inspiration this year comes from granny square patchwork, cable knits, patchwork quilts, embroidery stitches, southwestern textiles, and playful dying techniques.

Made with French Knot’s most refined wool, these designs are both soft to the touch and long-lasting. Variations of French Knot accessories have been designed exclusively for major retailers such as Anthropologie and Sundance Catalog. Both retailers purchased hundreds to sell in brick & mortar and online for the 2021 holiday assortment.

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French Knot works hand in hand with over 1,000 women artisans in Nepal to skillfully hand-skit their products using fair trade principles. They source high-quality natural wools that are spun and dyed by hand, a process that produces little to no emissions. Quality is an important principle for French Knot — accessories sourced from 100% lambswool and high-end mohain to ensure a velvety soft texture and a sustainable product. French Knot’s sustainable and ethical practices is what makes the brand authentic and genuine, celebrating women artisanship and honoring the craftsmanship of the hand made pieces.

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