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Bringing healthy ready to eat meals back into the workspace


Date Established 04/2019
Founder Tximista Lizarazu & Paul Bernier
Headquarters New York, NY
Tech, Beverage, Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Charlotte Frey



The Fraîche Greenhouse is a farm-to-office solution that turns workplaces into healthy hives.

Their auto-stocking smart fridge is filled daily with meals curated by carefully selected local brands/restaurants (such as Le Botaniste, Maman, Hungry House, Bondi Sushi, and more) making it effortless for employees to enjoy NYC's favorite eats just steps away from their desks.

Founding Story

Paul Bernier and Tximista Lizarazu founded their so-called "baby," Fraîche to revolutionize the food industry in New York and create the future of convenient, gourmet, and healthy food in offices. Tximista, working at Le Pain Quotidien at the time, kept thinking of ways to bring sustainable food without the complexity of retail and legislation to offices. He then called up his old friend from his university days, Paul (who was living in Paris at the time, working a corporate finance job,) to explain a bit more about his idea. 2 weeks later, Paul was in NYC (for the first time ever,) and the rest is history. Both founders kept one thing in mind: they wanted to have a positive impact on the world through the food system - and that's the core of what Fraîche stands for, to this day.

Team Bios

Alex Rebiere

Head of Sales

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Paul Bernier

Co-founder & COO

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Tximista, born and raised in the Basque Country (France) is the Co-founder & CEO of Fraîche. Tximista, also known as Txim, was working on a food cart project here in NYC with the founder of well known bakery/restauarnt, Le Pain Quotidien, with the vision and aim in revolutionizing the industry of food carts. Due to the hardship of jurisdictions and legislations, Tximista kept thinking of other ways/ideas of brining delicious and sustainable food without the complexity of retail to the city. And, volia, the idea of Fraîche was born.

Gauthier Depierre


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Elisa Tordjmann

Head of Food

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Elisa, with a Bachelor's degree from the Parsons School of Design as well as HEC Paris, is working with the best restaurants and brands in NYC to bring gourment, fresh, and sustainable meals, snacks, drinks, and treats to Fraîche Fridges.

Rachid Pierce

Hub Manager

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We are supper happy about the food. Lots of our employees gain time to spend more time at the office during lunch breaks and even get home earlier. Also, a few of our employees mentioned that it had a good effect on the team, creating a better team spirt as they spend time together around the fridge. We are excited to see what new food and partners will come into the fridge"

Cathy Rodgers

Office Manager, Tikehau Capital

Fraîche is the best solution for our office to get delighted and healthy meals every day, especially after this rough period, people get used to working remotely. But with this kind of offer, it's allowed to bring productivity; it's great to see people coming back to the lab. In this challenging time, having a diverse & qualitative choice of meals within a secured environment brings great satisfaction to all the members...

Shawn Stuart

CEO, Newlab


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