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High quality cook and bakeware for the artisan home chef


Date Established 01/2015
Founder Ted Burdett
Headquarters Chicago
Home, Food
Press Contact Caroline Burdett


Fourneau began with the invention of the Fourneau Bread Oven, the only front-opening bread cloche for home ovens. Fourneau’s innovative cloche design allows home bread bakers to take dutch oven bread to the next level, with a safer, easier, faster baking process. The same principles that guided the design of the Fourneau bread oven–sustainability, ergonomics, performance – drive their other product lines in cookware and outdoor cooking as well. Their cast iron cooking products are designed to be lighter weight than other cast iron pans and also have longer handles for easier handling as well as a more elegant look. Their products are all USA designed and assembled.

Founder Ted Burdett is a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and brings his fun and adorable teaching style to Fourneau customers by offering videos on a wide range of subjects, from how to re-season cast iron pans, to how to make no-knead bread. Fourneau’s informative (and humorous) videos are viewable on their website and YouTube.

Founding Story

Fourneau was launched on Kickstarter in 2015 by Ted and Sharon Burdett, a couple of design nerds who love cooking as much as design. Their goal was to help home bakers make their best bread ever, and with the support of almost 800 backers in 20 countries, they brought the Fourneau Oven to life. Since then, Fourneau has continued to evolve as a product line, as a company, and as a passion project.

In 2021 the team decided to expand the scope of Fourneau beyond bread with the addition of their cast iron cookware line, Ironwood Cookware, which offers a sleek, long-handled cast iron skillet and a gorgeous cast iron roaster.

Fourneau is a family company founded by designers who love to travel, eat, cook, and enjoy food with friends. Their products are born from their own experiences in the kitchen and combine their passion for good design with their intense love of cooking. The Fourneau team has grown to include Caroline Burdett, Nick Martin, Bo Moody and Katie Burdett. Together, they're working to make new products to enable great cooking experiences at home and new content to inspire your cooking adventures.

Fourneau is always looking for ways to innovate the way artisan chefs and bakers cook and bake, whether at home, outside, or in a commercial kitchen.


Ted Burdett

Founder, Principal Designer & Partner

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