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Flyte Keycaps

Turning boring keyboards into works of art, one keycap at a time.


Date Established 11/2021
Headquarters Memphis, TN
Press Contact Omar Ahmed


We're Flyte. We focus on creating keycaps that are better than our competitors, and better for the consumers; better for their keyboards, and better for their wallets. We're cutting out all of the limited-nature that runs in this niche, and opening the doors to anyone, with any budget who wants in. Our goal is to let everyone who wants pristine keycaps have them, without spending more than the price of their entire keyboard. Unlike other brands in this market, we only sell what we have, there's never waiting for months or even years to get what you paid for. Say goodbye to groupbuys.

We use recycled materials and minimal packaging, and we use Shop to ship carbon neutral. We want to be carbon negative, not just neutral. As we expand, we work on more ways to reach that goal. Our commitment to the climate matches our commitment to our customers and this great niche that we wish to improve.

Founding Story

Founded and managed by a one man team, Flyte has been humble from the time it started. After the COVID pandemic, the interest in fine and artisan keyboards skyrocketed. But there was an issue; the demand was too high. Prices for keycap sets peaked above $500, and people were even paying $100+ for single artisan keycaps. The products in this niche are great, but not car/house payment great. Thus, like many others, Flyte was born in a garage with a heroic passion to provide keycaps—the cherry on top of this hobby that so many love—and provide them affordably. No more hype-chasing. With Flyte, if you see what you want, you can get it.


Sakura Keycap
Sakura Keycap $24.99
Moonlight Keycap Set
Moonlight Keycap Set $64.99
Cat Paw Keycap
Cat Paw Keycap $24.99
Climate Keycap Set
Climate Keycap Set $64.99
RTX Keycap
RTX Keycap $26.99
Game Over Keycap
Game Over Keycap $26.99
Elevated Enter Keycap
Elevated Enter Keycap $26.99
Red Katana Keycap Set
Red Katana Keycap Set $64.99
Astrology Keycap Set
Astrology Keycap Set $64.99
Avocado Keycap Set
Avocado Keycap Set $64.99
Bento Box Keycap Set
Bento Box Keycap Set $64.99
Canvas Keycap Set
Canvas Keycap Set $64.99
Whiteish Keycap Set
Whiteish Keycap Set $64.99
Blossom Keycap Set
Blossom Keycap Set $64.99



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