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Date Established 11/2020
Founder Jennifer Einerson
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Parenting, Toys & Gaming
Press Contact Debbie Burke-Smith


Fly Little Bird's story is one of love, compassion, kindness and sustainability . This mompreneur - who was taught to sew by her Grandma and Mom - creates each individual pattern and hand stitches the line of whimsical farm, forest and circus animals who come with their own Birdie that they teach to be brave.  

Vintage fabrics found at thrift stores as well as natural fabrics are used to create designs combining fun colors and patterns to produce unique, handmade gifts that will become treasured keepsakes 

Stuffies heads, hands and feet are made of repurposed soft, cozy cashmere and the body, legs and arms are made of recycled cotton oxford shirts.  All the Stuffies eyes are sewn closed to communicate a sense of calm and zzzzzzzz…. 

Bespoke Stuffies can also be made by special order with a customer’s own fabrics (sweaters and shirts from family heirlooms - your grandpas, your dads - what a purposeful way to keep it in the family); Stuffies can also be monogrammed with initials or a personal message

10% of each purchase goes to the non-profit Donate Life America which is dedicated to saving lives through organ donation. Jennifer’s dad is a donor recipient and her mom was a donor who saved another mom’s life.  

Founding Story

Founded and created by Chicago mother of five, Jennifer Einerson. Born during the pandemic and in honor of her own parents and growing children. Fly Little Bird was created to inspire kindness, compassion and friendship in children.

Each animal has their own special way to show their new friend Birdie how to feel brave and depend on those we least expect to help us through life's uncertain times. 




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