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Date Established 11/2016
Founder Sergio Landau
Headquarters Irvine, CA
Home, Beverage
Press Contact Jeff Walcott


Flair 58
Flair 58 $575.00
The NEO Manual Espresso Maker
The NEO Manual Espresso Maker $125.00
Flair PRO 2 Manual Espresso Maker
Flair PRO 2 Manual Espresso Maker $325.00
Flair Signature Manual Espresso Maker
Flair Signature Manual Espresso Maker $249.00


Flair Espresso is dedicated to providing espresso lovers with the ability to handcraft café-quality espresso from their homes, or wherever they may be. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our products, the control they give customers wishing to truly manage all the variables in the brewing process, and the quality of espresso produced - rivaling the extractions from any café.

Founding Story

The original Flair Espresso Maker was born from the heart of an espresso lover and inventor who asked the question, “What is the minimum needed to make a great espresso at home?” Dozens of prototypes later, much of the complexity found in high-end espresso machines had been eliminated, leaving a simple, elegant, and affordable product that had one purpose: to handcraft cafe-quality espresso from anywhere.

Originally launched on Kickstarter, Flair Espresso now boasts a product portfolio of five different espresso makers, and is proud to offer the option of affordable, at-home espresso - that can rival anything brewed on a commercial machine - to people at any stage of their espresso journey, from beginners to expert baristas.




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Popular Mechanics - Sep 30, 2021 The Best Espresso Machines for Every Budget and At-Home Barista "This article is a roundup of the best espresso machines for the home barista where the Flair PRO 2 was featured as the best for the particular barista."
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BBC Good Food - Oct 01, 2019 Flair Signature Espresso Maker Review "This article is a review of the Flair Signature Espresso Maker."
Barista Magazine Online - Nov 29, 2018 Test Drive—Make Coffee on the Flair Without Breaking the Bank "This article details how the Flair Espresso Maker is great for professionals and newcomers alike, all without breaking the bank."


Best Tasting Espresso.

Scott Gilbertson

Senior Writer and Reviewer for WIRED

All in all the Flair is a great, cost-effective home espresso maker that has the ability to grow with you as your knowledge and interests expand. From the standard ratio/grind adjustment, to temperature profiling and advanced pressure profiles, the Flair gives you the ability to explore it all in a compact and attractive package that you can take anywhere.

Josh Taves

Special to Barista Magazine

Is it a contemporary sculpture? Is it an elaborate nutcracker? In fact, the Flair Signature is one of the finest espresso machines we’ve tested.

Pete Wise

Reviews Writer at BBC Good Food

The resulting coffee I’ve made with the Flair is the closest to coffee-shop espresso I’ve ever had at home, with a thick head of crema; concentrated flavors of dark chocolate, cherry, caramel, and toast; and a lingering, warming finish.

Ever Meister

Contributor to Kitchn and 20-year coffee professional


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