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Date Established 11/2019
Founder Harry Schechter & Michelle Keefe
Headquarters Boston, MA
Home, Fashion
Press Contact Harry Schechter


Oversized Signature Tote
Oversized Signature Tote $99.00
Hemp & Organic Cotton Turkish Towel
Hemp & Organic Cotton Turkish Towel $49.00


FiveADRIFT was founded in 2019. Fueled by a purpose to make the oceans plastic free.

By donating all profits to charity they support ocean clean-up programs and encourage organizations to use plastic responsibly in their operations. It’s important that people learn to ask questions about where products come from, how they are made and what they contain.

FiveADRIFT believes that every decision and purchase made impacts our world, ourselves, and future generations. FiveADRIFT is built on this foundation of values that guide everything from the growth of their fabrics to the happiness of our customers.

Founding Story

Two entrepreneurs walk into a bar… well, it’s not quite like that but 20 years ago they met at the aptly named Lucky Bar in DC. Fast forward 2 decades, while on a family sabbatical on the other side of the world with our 3 kids in tow, they witnessed the utter majesty and beauty of our planet.

After months of enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the world they knew they had to work harder to preserve this precious earth for future generations. So...we put our entrepreneurial and environmental backgrounds to work.

A love of the ocean and a passion to protect it was the genesis of FiveADRIFT; a company formed purely to create a positive impact.

Team Bios

Michelle Keefe is the Co-Founder and CEO of MomUp, a unique staffing and talent acquisition company specializing in part-time and full-time business professionals.

MomUp provides an alternative source of talent for businesses looking for competitive staffing options to support growth and diversity goals. Our candidates consist of professionals with bachelor’s and/or advanced degrees with eight or more years of experience in areas such as Finance, Sales & Marketing, Administration, HR, Data Science, Engineering and other business functions. We connect women looking for impactful, interesting opportunities with organizations looking to fill part time & full time roles or accomplish project-based work.

We are redefining the landscape of work enabling companies to move faster.

We connect organizations with the world’s greatest untapped resource to get more done with fewer resources.

Our process will save you time, save you money, and accelerate your business.

If you are interested in exploring how hiring part-time or full-time flexible professionals can be the right staffing solution, please contact Michelle at or leave me a message here on Linkedin.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and investor who builds fast growing, profitable companies by prioritizing the right work at the right time, building tight teams and aligning them around a strategic vision. The teams I build can run through brick walls and make the impossible happen.

Over the last two decades, my approach to technology has changed the way the world works. I was at the forefront of the dot-com boom and developed one of the of the first successful e-commerce sites on the Internet. I created hardware and software that changed the way people listened to radio. I pioneered the Internet of Things with sensors that have helped organizations around the world monitor and make better decisions.

When it comes to building companies, I've learned a lot in my decades as an entrepreneur and leader. I've learned that in order to continue innovation cycles, businesses must achieve product market fit with unique insights and do it while not running out of cash. I've learned how to effectively allocate the scarce resources of time and money where they're most effective.

Most importantly, I've learned how empathetic leadership enables organizations to move faster and accomplish more. This is critical for startups today. Without mindful leadership, companies cannot rise to the challenge of finding ways to keep up with the pace of change and maintain solid growth.

Additional Accomplishments

  • Hold 16 United States patents for my work at TempAlert
  • Published several photos in National Geographic magazine
  • Nominated for a GRAMMY award




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