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Date Established 10/2020
Founder Sarah Lynn
Headquarters Boston, MA
Press Contact Sarah Lynn


Fudge Brownie Mix
Fudge Brownie Mix $11.99
Yellow Cake Mix
Yellow Cake Mix $11.95
Cream Cheese Frosting
Cream Cheese Frosting $10.99
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting $10.99
Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
Vanilla Buttercream Frosting $10.99
Chocolate Cake Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix $11.95


It's time to stop choosing between your fitness goals and delicious, convenient desserts. With Fit Bake, you can have it all. Expertly formulated products offer authentic taste and texture with optimal macronutrient and ingredient profiles designed for the diet conscious consumer.

Just like the sweets you grew up with, minus the sugar, gluten, and carbs. Welcome to THE FUTURE OF DESSERTS.

Founding Story

After improving her health through diet and lifestyle changes, founder Sarah realized her lifelong love for baking and newfound enthusiasm for fitness were at odds. So, she overhauled her beloved baking pantry — no more refined flour, white sugar, or inflammatory vegetable oils. Sarah began creating her own healthier desserts, and when she couldn’t believe how delicious they were, she began sharing the recipes on Instagram. Sarah’s self-taught expertise in formulating innovative healthy, keto-friendly desserts grew her an audience of hundreds of thousands of loyal fans. Although she enjoys baking from scratch, Sarah had the desire to offer a more convenient solution — just like the baking mixes and jars of frosting you find at the grocery store — and ultimately disrupt the sugar-filled dessert product industry. The first Fit Bake cake mixes and frostings were born in 2020, and the rest is sweet (sugar-free) history.

Team Bios

Sarah is the founder of Fit Bake, best known for her Instagram account @sarahsfitfood with over 270,000 followers. Sarah wrote her first healthy dessert e-cookbook in 2016, and has since authored five additional e-cookbooks and one hardcover cookbook, Secretly Healthy Desserts. Sarah started her Instagram while she was a senior in college in 2014 with a desire to connect with other individuals interested in health and fitness. In 2015, Sarah graduated summa cum laude from the University of Richmond with a bachelors degree in Studio Art and Business Administration. After graduating, she quickly found her niche with creating diet-friendly dessert recipes that look and taste incredibly decadent, and is now a go-to source for delicious healthy desserts for thousands of people around the world. Sarah is also a NASM certified personal trainer, but currently works full time creating healthy desserts.




“The convenience of a box cake with the benefits of a healthy treat! I still can’t believe this is 100% keto-friendly and gluten free. Fit Bake is clearly killing the game with their easy bake cakes and 0g net carb frostings.”

Yaidy Santiago


“You would never know the difference between this & regular cake! The icing is really easy to use too which I appreciate!!!”

Christina Rein


“This keto fudge brownie mix was the BOMB.COM!! Paired with the cream cheese frosting…oh my word. Y’all have to try it!!”

Tylar Tucker


“You guys…this was the most moist, delicious cake I’ve ever eaten in my life! My favorite mixes are from Fit Bake! They are naturally sweetened, very low carb and you can make them low-calorie, ultra moist or dairy free depending on what you add in. [The frosting] may be sugar-free and zero net carb but it has no icky artificial sweetener taste and literally tastes like a tub of Pillsbury frosting!”

Amy Snyder



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