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Date Established 02/2019
Founder Alice Li
Headquarters Austin, TX
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Gazelle Bakhtari



The vitamin industry is full of misinformation, literal “snake oil”, bad ingredients, and outdated science from more than 60 years ago. Enter First Day, a science-first wellness brand for modern families.
First Day took on a different approach, instead of giving you a multivitamin with a little bit of everything, they dug through tens of thousands of nutritional studies and found the key nutrients that most people aren’t getting from food. Next, they worked with top pediatricians and epidemiologists from Harvard and Yale to create First Day's science-back recipes.
After 2 years and 17 recipes, First Day finally has the goldilocks of gummy vitamins: everything you need and nothing you don’t. First Day's mission is to support families with good habits that make a healthy impact, so they can build a better future.

In its first 18 months, First Day donated over $1,000,000 of vitamins to Feed the Children to help during Covid-19.

Founding Story

Alice saw in her own family how nutrition impacts health for a lifetime. Her family grew up in China before modernization when meat was eaten just once a year at New Year's and milk was always saved for the youngest child. Decades later, she saw how it meant that bones were more fragile, aches more common, and every single day was so much harder. She was lucky enough to grow up in bountiful, sunny California, so she set out to bring better nutrition to those who need it the most. Because the world doesn't give equally.


Alice Li

CEO & Founder

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