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Féret Parfumeur

Retro-chic cosmetics of a century-old brand


Date Established 01/1878
Founder Féret Brothers, Alexis Cabanne
Headquarters France
Press Contact Alexandrine Aubry


Le Baume Rose 50ml
Le Baume Rose 50ml $14.00
Bloc Hyalin 100GR
Bloc Hyalin 100GR $15.00
Hyalomiel Rose 50ML
Hyalomiel Rose 50ML $13.00
Hyalomiel Violette 50ML
Hyalomiel Violette 50ML $13.00


Féret Parfumeur is a century-old family French brand from 1878 and heir to several generations of rare know-how that perpetuates the taste for the French Art-de-Vivre. As a balance between past and modernity, Alexis Cabanne, the great great grandson of Lucien Féret, redeploys the brand's identity in an always retro-chic style. Feret Parfumeur makes a line of natural products that are locally sourced in France.

In 1900, the "Bloc Hyalin" won three medals at the Paris Universal Exhibition, one of the first products that was produced by Feret Parfumeur and is still available today. The original range is mostly formulated with local honey extract, made by friends and garden roommates; the bees. New creations for the brand are inspired by the garden of Féret Parfumeur at Alexis' domain “Le Maine Gaillard."

Founding Story

In 1878, the Féret brothers, Lucien and Roger succeeded their father who was a distributor of major cosmetics brands, and manufacture of "Bloc Hyalin" (100% alum stone with astringent and antibacterial properties) and "Hyalomiel" (a jelly with honey extract and glycerin to hydrate and repair skin).  

From father to son, now called Féret Parfumeur, the founders' great-great-grandson, Alexis Cabanne has taken over the torch and continues to distribute original Féret Parfumeur products all around the world as a leader in the world of high-quality cosmetics.

Alexis develops several ranges of natural skin care products with organic honey and essential oils suitable for perfumeries, pharmacies, barbershops, organic and health stores, salons and spas, department stores, and gift shops. Féret Parfumeur has benefited from Alexis' new retro boost and has since relaunched export markets.

Team Bios

Féret Brothers, Lucien and Roger

Original Founders

see bio

Alexis lives in Charente, France, land of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes. He is a passionate keeper of traditions and family history. He wanted the Féret Parfumeur brand from his mother's side to live on, so he works every day to keep the identity of the brand while developing its ranges. Alexis also heads the family spirits company from his father's side, of which he is the fourth generation Cellarmaster of Cognac Richard Delisle. He has developed the spirits trading activity in the traditional French market as well as for international exports. He loves the Western region of France in which he lives, local products made in France, and honoring his family heritage.


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