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Date Established 02/2009
Founder Violette de Ayala
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Nonprofit & Social Impact
Marketing & Advertising
Press Contact Violette de Ayala


Empowering Women, Building Communities

Introduction: FemCity is a dynamic and influential women's organization that thrives on empowering women to achieve their full potential in both personal and professional realms. With a strong emphasis on creating a supportive network of like-minded individuals, FemCity has redefined the concept of community, fostering connections that lead to lasting personal and business growth.

Our Mission: At FemCity, our mission is to elevate and celebrate women's achievements, while providing them with the tools, resources, and connections they need to excel in their chosen paths. We believe that every woman has a unique voice and immense potential, and by coming together, we can drive positive change, inspire innovation, and collectively overcome challenges.

Building Authentic Connections: FemCity stands out for its dedication to cultivating genuine connections among women of diverse backgrounds and industries. Through a variety of in-person and online events, workshops, and seminars, we facilitate networking opportunities that go beyond the surface, allowing our members to forge meaningful relationships based on shared experiences, passions, and goals.

Professional and Personal Growth: With a commitment to continuous learning and development, FemCity provides a rich platform for women to access resources that enhance both their professional and personal lives. From skill-building workshops and leadership development programs to wellness initiatives and self-care resources, we strive to empower women in all facets of their journey.

Inclusive and Empowering: FemCity is a proud advocate for inclusivity and diversity. We celebrate the unique perspectives that women from all walks of life bring to the table, fostering an environment where everyone's voice is valued and heard. By championing an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration, we create a space where women can freely express themselves and explore new horizons.

Community Impact: Beyond individual growth, FemCity is dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Through philanthropic efforts, mentorship programs, and partnerships with local organizations, we extend our reach to uplift women and make a difference on both a local and global scale.

Join the Movement: Whether you're an entrepreneur, a professional, a creative, or someone navigating various life stages, FemCity welcomes you to be a part of our vibrant community. Join us as we redefine success, break down barriers, and uplift each other to reach new heights.

Founding Story

Violette, the founder and CEO of FEMCITY®, is a seasoned entrepreneur having launched her first small business at the age of 22. She's obsessed with business growth and helping women connect and support one another in business and life.

With that in mind, a few years ago, Violette was frustrated with the hundreds of networking groups in her community and realized she needed something more substantial as a woman entrepreneur. Everything she found locally seemed so cold, detached, and lacking community spirit. That’s why she created FemCity.

She now has a team of leading FEMS who create local communities catering to women looking for an abundance of support, consistent uplifting vibes, and a community of women inspiring endless possibilities. FemCity is in over 50 local communities in the US and Canada and launching in more communities every month. FemCity's mission is to help over 1 million women through our program, platform, and diverse community.

FEMCITY® is your answer to the challenges and struggles of trying to find a community to assist you in life and business. FemCity was created to help you – the entrepreneur, blogger, professional, aspiring small business owner, etc. – easily and affordably create the business you crave and the life you dream to attain.

Team Bios

Cuban American serial and social Entrepreneur, Female Founder of FemCity® women’s networking groups, and International Best-Selling Author.

FemCity creates soulfully led networking events, online mentorship, personal and professional development for women founders and executives.

Author of The Self-Guided Guru© Lessons for Everyday Humans, a self help book best seller

Quoted in Success, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Money, US News, MSNBC, MSN, BBC, Fast Company, Ladders, CNBC, Inc. as a Business Expert

Quoted in MarieClaire, Shondaland, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and featured in bareMinerals® Women We Love Series

Seen in featured campaigns in People, InStyle, Real Simple magazines and Good Morning America [ABC News]

She was selected by Isaac Mizrahi for the Malibu Collection campaign

Served as part of The White House: Women Environmental Leaders Program

Keynote speaker for Accenture’s International Women's Month Event, the SBA Regional Women's Conference, Beco Net and Luxury Brand Partners

FemCity has been seen in Gilt, Vogue, AP, and and has over 80 locations in the US, Canada and the Islands supporting female entrepreneurs

Member of NationSwell Council, Entrepreneur Leadership Network and a Contributor for

WOSB, WBENC certified

Moderator for the Global Women Empower 2020 Summit and NationSwell’s “The Great American Lie” Discussion

Panelist in the SBA of South Florida Research + Development Panel 2021

Former Advisor for City of Miami Mayor’s Office [two administrations]

Former Publicist for WWF for EarthHour

Volunteer Workshop facilitator for United Way and Girl Scouts of Florida

Former Certified Personal Trainer + Pilates Instructor

Hosts FemCity TV + FemCity Podcast


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