Fellow Launches "Fellow Drops" - The New Text-To-Order Coffee Service Fellow is expanding from their roster of award-winning products with a commitment-free service for the coffee curious community.
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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (July 15, 2021) - Calling all coffee lovers and the textually active, Fellow and their team of coffee experts have launched a text-to-order coffee service. Every week, Fellow finds a new coffee they love and texts you about it, just reply if you want in. A bag of freshly roasted, whole bean specialty coffee will appear on your doorstep in a matter of days after roasting. No commitment, no subscription – just your new coffee discovery companion.

Fellow’s quest is to help you brew the best coffee possible—but with the best gear and bad coffee, you can only get so far. That’s why Fellow's Tasting Panel is here to assist you in trying coffees from around the world with a selection of limited lots, new micro-roasters, unique processing and rare origins. “No coffee goes untasted, unexamined, or undebated. If there was a faster way of choosing our weekly drop, we simply wouldn’t want to do it," said Hailie Stevens, retail manager of Fellow’s flagship San Francisco store and a member of the Tasting Panel. "We take our mission as coffee experts seriously; we are here to surprise and delight."

Fellow's coffee-obsessed team samples over 1,000 roasts each year and has created this first-of-its-kind service to answer the common question: What coffee do you recommend? Fellow Drops is meant for both serious coffee nerds and novices looking to expand their palette from a trusted source. Every week, the Fellow team will find a coffee they love and text you about it, as an overly convenient way to try premium coffees.

Here’s how it works:

- Sign up for Fellow Drops by submitting a phone number, shipping address, and credit card on drops.fellowproducts.com. There is no charge or obligation at this stage.
- Receive a weekly text with a limited time window to buy a special coffee, carefully curated by Fellow's coffee experts.
- Customers purchase coffee by replying to the text with the number of bags desired—1, 2, 3, etc..
- Your coffee is roasted to order and mailed to your doorstep.

No auto-refills or minimums required, you have full control on ordering each week. A simple weekly decision for those who subscribe, just text back! With Fellow's formidable track record of developing products to perfect your brew, you can now lean on their expertise and excitement in coffee bean sourcing—bringing you yet another step closer to the most delicious at-home cup. Through Fellow Drops, you’ll be able to discover both renowned and up-and-coming roasteries alike, learning something new and tasting your way through remarkable coffee selections.

Launching July 15, Fellow Drops will be available for all customers at drops.fellowproducts.com.

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