Fellow Partners With World Class Artists In New Carter Artist Series Fellow is partnering with illustrative artists for a limited series of custom-designed Carter Everywhere Mugs.
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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (July 27, 2021) – Fellow is getting creative for a limited series of custom-designed Carter Everywhere Mugs by partnering with renowned and respected artists and illustrators from around the country. Starting July 27, Fellow will drop four exclusive designs through the end of summer and into fall, with the mugs retailing at $30 per mug.

Through uniquely authentic collaborations, Fellow’s Carter Artist Series offers an opportunity for participating artists to highlight their talents to coffee connoisseurs, design darlings, and trendy consumers alike. Artists will earn a commission for every mug sold, with their version as a limited-run edition.

As a 2021 Specialty Coffee Association Design Award winner, this series launch reinforces and expands Fellow’s travel mug design value and quality. With their established eye for minimalist design, this introduction is their most inventive partnership yet.

“We’re grateful for the immense privilege of working directly with these artists on original illustrations,” said Andrea Gonzalez, Director of E-Commerce at Fellow. “We have always emphasized the importance of functionality along with high level design, and what better way to excite Fellow enthusiasts than through actual works of art.”

With one feature design released at a time, the first four artists will be showcasing their talents through Fellow’s beloved Carter Everywhere Mug, mindfully adding artistic flair to your home, office, or on the go. See below for schedule and details on the artists.

  • July - Amos Goldbaum (12 oz Carter Everywhere Matte Black) Amos is a line-drawer, street peddler, and muralist from San Francisco. About the design: “I wanted to draw a cozy little house surrounded by plants in the middle of the city—the perfect place to drink a cup of coffee on a cool morning. I worked off photos of small succulents in order to play with the scale, along with Ode Brew Grinder and Stagg which are strategically peppered in,” said Amos.
  • September - Sarula Bao (12 oz Carter Everywhere Matte Grey or Matte White) Sarula is a Chinese American illustrator and graphic novelist based in Brooklyn. Her work explores Chinese culture and queerness through a 2nd generation American experience. Additional design details to follow.
  • September - Melissa Koby (12 oz Carter Everywhere Warm Pink or Matte Black) Melissa is a Jamaican born, Tampa based illustrator who fell in love with drawing at the age of four. Her work is inspired by addressing social justice, with underlying themes of celebrating people of color and the peace and tranquility that comes from beautiful landscapes. Additional design details to follow.
  • October - Jeremy Fish (12 oz Carter Everywhere Matte Black) Jeremy is an artist and commercial illustrator based in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. He finds a balance between exhibiting his work across the US, and internationally in galleries and museums while maintaining a presence designing skateboards, t-shirts, vinyl toys, album covers, and more. The artwork is mainly about storytelling and communication, told through a library of characters and symbols. Additional design details to follow.

    Officially launching Tuesday, July 27, 2021, Amos will be the first artist to launch his designed version of the Carter Everywhere Mug. The Fellow Artist Series will be exclusively sold through fellowproducts.com.
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