Fellow Launches Shimmy Coffee Sieve For A Simple, Enhanced Brewing Experience If your coffee grinder is a culprit for inconsistent grind sizes, Shimmy has arrived to shake things up.
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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (August 4, 2021) – Fellow is taking a big stand against tiny grinds with the latest addition to its product line — Shimmy Coffee Sieve, a simple tool to remove microfines for better tasting coffee. Launching today, Shimmy is available on the brand’s website and retails for $49.

Lower quality grinders, burr grinders, and hand grinders can leave coffee beans with inconsistent grind sizes; and that's where Shimmy comes into the equation. A fine etched metal filter sifts out all coffee particles under 200 microns for better grind consistency and even extraction during your brew—important elements that noticeably impact flavor.

Styled after a traditional cocktail shaker, Shimmy makes for a fast and effortless coffee sieve. With a few flicks of the wrist, Shimmy separates the good grinds from the microfines to reduce clogging, heightening clarity, and highlight nuanced tasting notes. The sieve’s user friendly design is also highlighted by: a tinted yet transparent body allowing users to see how much coffee has been sieved, a precise pouring lid to easily transfer grinds into a user’s preferred brewing method, and easy to clean components that snap on and off for clean up and assembly.

“Fellow is committed to bringing the best coffee experience to consumers, whether through new products, education, or coffee recommendations via Fellow Drops,” said Jake Miller, Fellow’s Founder. "Our ultimate goal is to help people in their quest to brew ridiculously good coffee at home. Shimmy Coffee Sieve is a simple, and fun, tool to help anyone further explore all that specialty coffee has to offer."

Whether you're new to creating that ideal grind or a travelling connoisseur always in need of that perfected cup, Shimmy users can conveniently step up their coffee-making process at an accessible price. Pair Shimmy with a pour-over dripper, French press, or AeroPress® Coffee Maker to instantly upgrade an everyday brewing routine.

Officially launching today, August 4, 2021, Shimmy Coffee Sieve will be available through fellowproducts.com.

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