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FAVES (PurePlus Inc)

Upcycled fruits and vegetables


Date Established 08/2020
Founder Amy Keller
Headquarters Hermosa Beach, California
Tech, Food
Press Contact Justin Cadelago


FAVES $24.99


FAVES is a climate candy made from upcycled fruits and vegetables. FAVES has set out to solve the climate crisis by preventing food waste (the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gasses) by upcycling perfectly good fruits and vegetables to create a candy that’s good for people and the planet.

FAVES' mission is to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of upcycled fruits and vegetables while also doing better for the planet. Thus, making both healthy choices and climate impact more accessible.

Upcycled foods use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment. FAVES works with local farms across the US to procure imperfect produce that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, and turns them into candy using a process known as upcycling.

With each purchase of FAVES, consumers are saving 6 carrots, 3 beets, 1 sweet potato, ½ squash, ½ pumpkin that in the end provide 6 servings of fruits and vegetables for human consumption.

Founding Story

Born from the Founder's sweet tooth and a deep desire to save fruits & veggies, FAVES was conceived on a trip where the founders' conversations about the planet's climate pledge merged with their cravings for a sweet but healthy treat.

The founder’s background is perfectly suited to FAVES - her family is Spangler Candy Company and they make 2 billion DumDum lollipops per year. She is a 7 time Ironman and climate activist who knew there had to be a way to combine her passion for environmental issues and health with the family business creating sweet treats.

These two worlds collided on a life changing journey to the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway combined with reading Paul Hawken’s book “Drawdown”. While cross country skiing across the Arctic, the idea of PurePlus was formed - a sustainable company that would illuminate the power of fruits and vegetables to restore the health of people and the planet.

We determined to create a business that could make a contribution to the planet and make a positive impact on people’s lives and health while still allowing indulgence and enjoyment we get from candy.

The way we eat and produce food is a significant contributor to climate change. Agriculture is estimated to contribute between 13-24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To combat this issue, FAVES has set out to solve the climate crisis by preventing food waste by upcycling perfectly good fruits and vegetables to create a candy that's good for people and the planet.

We address the barriers to fruits and vegetable consumption by being affordable, accessible and integrating into the current lifestyle of our customers. We value a transparent supply chain and measure success through the wellbeing of our employees and producers and the resilience of the ecosystems that produce our core ingredients.


Amy Keller

Co-Founder & CEO FAVES (PurePlus Inc)

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Amy Keller is Co-Founder and CEO of PurePlus - a revolution in the whole plant foods based economy. Keller believes where there is a vision the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. She has never been satisfied with status quo and PurePlus is a catalyst for change.

Keller has spent her career working on environmental initiatives to save the planet. She is also very focused on health and well-being as a 7 time ironman and ultra-marathoner in which nutrition is a very important part of the sport.

Keller determined a long time ago that whatever business she started, it had to make a contribution to the world and make a positive impact on people’s lives and health. PurePlus is a brand designed to have a long-standing and meaningful role in a cultural revolution in health of people and the planet. The success lies in the brand imbued with this sense of mission, personality and personal values and through our partnership with 501CTHREE.

Prior to PurePlus, as principal of advncmnt:projects, Amy worked with influencers and organizations, helping them use their resources for global social impact. She took an innovative approach to making social change - one that involves mapping new trends, collaborating with thought leaders, and devising creative solutions to complex problems.




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