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Date Established 01/2017
Founder Derek Sisson
Headquarters Houston
Press Contact Chelsea Kershaw


Founded in 2004 by former Force Recon Marine and serial entrepreneur Derek Sisson, Famous Brands is a renowned creator of exceptional high-quality spirits and beverages driven by American pride that embodies the values of freedom, unity, and independence. A brand carried in many of today’s leading retailers, Famous Brands and the success of its Merica Bourbon has resulted in the launch of Merica Beer, demonstrating the company’s thirst for growth and its continued leadership in the industry. Its rapid expansion across the nation, with roots in Texas, brings the US together to deliver outstanding experiences that all spirit and beer enthusiasts can enjoy.

Founding Story

Brand Support

Famous Brands supports its brands through a hands-on approach to brand identity. With regular tasting programs, social media, outdoor, on premise and off-premise promotional events, Famous Brands products give the distributors the support they need and deserve to resonate with the consumer.


Headed by U.S. Marine Corps veteran Derek Sisson Famous Brands has built an experienced and passionate team of dedicated professionals that deliver quality and are committed to every customer and their feedback.


Merica Bourbon
Merica Bourbon $29.99
Merica Beer
Merica Beer $10.99

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