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Fair Harbor

Timeless, ultra-comfortable men's swimwear and athleisure made from recycled plastic bottles


Date Established 01/2014
Founder Jake Danehy, Caroline Danehy
Headquarters New York, New York
Press Contact Caitlin Davis


The Anchor
The Anchor $68.00
The Bayberry Trunk
The Bayberry Trunk $68.00
The One Short
The One Short $68.00
The Sextant Trunk
The Sextant Trunk $88.00
Kids Bayberry Trunk
Kids Bayberry Trunk $48.00
Kids One Short
Kids One Short $48.00


Founded in 2014 by siblings Jake and Caroline Danehy, sustainable lifestyle brand Fair Harbor transforms responsibly-sourced, recycled materials into timeless men’s athleisure. By designing ultra-comfortable styles for the beach and beyond and keeping waste out of the water, Fair Harbor helps you embrace that summer feeling year-round knowing the places you love to spend your longest days are protected.

Growing up with a deep appreciation for the water, waves, and bounty of the sea, siblings Jake and Caroline Danehy quickly realized that everyone has somewhere like that. Somewhere that they care about and want to protect, that harbors their most meaningful memories. 

Fair Harbor understands that gradual steps toward sustainability matter most in the long run, and our mission is to make sure that no one has to compromise the environment for comfortable and stylish apparel. Every boardshort we create helps keep 11 plastic bottles out of our oceans and off of our beaches, protecting the places we love to spend our summers for future generations.

Founding Story

Siblings Jake and Caroline Danehy grew up and spent all of their summers with their family in Fair Harbor, a barefoot, tight-knit beach community on Fire Island, off the southern shore of Long Island, NY. Car-free and perfectly sun-worn, it was the ideal place to explore and while away the hours.

Over the years, their time by the beach came to mean so much more. In Fair Harbor, Jake and Caroline experienced the endless freedom of summer and formed a deep appreciation for the water and the bounty of the sea. Witnessing the accumulation of plastic waste along the coastline, they couldn’t ignore the fact that the places they grew to love aren’t guaranteed to last forever.

Coupling their care and concern for the water with their love of surfing, Fair Harbor was born. Its signature boardshorts and swim trunks are made using post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, transformed into fabric. Fair Harbor beachwear was born out of deep care for our waterways and a desire to preserve the magic of the shoreline for future generations.

Today Fair Harbor has removed over 7.6M plastic bottles from the ocean, and counting.




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