Everyday People Coffee & Tea Receives the BUBBLE Stamp of Approval Your Favorite Health Foods Market Has a New Mission
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Washington, D.C., September 15, 2021 – Everyday People Coffee & Tea has made it into the bubble – Bubble Goods, that is. As part of the largest online health food marketplace, Everyday People Coffee & Tea has gained a new audience of conscious consumers that values clean products and ethical practices.

“Everyday People Coffee & Tea supports equity amongst farmers with a passion for sustainability and serving others… Our coffee and tea are both sustainably grown and ethically sourced, and our coffee is roasted to order in small batches.” – Everyday People Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea have been dietary staples throughout history, and the world just can’t get enough. While their flavors are enough to entice, these beverages may also offer long-term health benefits alongside their more immediate neurological effects

Single origin and small batch coffee blends were the driving plan behind creating Everyday People Coffee & Tea. By going straight to the source and working directly with those who knew the plants the best, the resulting products would be of unquestionable quality. And by sharing the struggles of the industry with curious consumers, more profit can be returned to those who depend on it.

Bubble Goods believes in product transparency, and Everyday People Coffee & Tea has built their brand that same premise. Let the next bag of coffee or tea that you buy come from Everyday People Coffee & Tea. Not only will you give back to those in need, but you’ll help to improve a struggling industry with each delicious cup of these organic and fair-trade certified beverages.

About Everyday People Coffee and Tea

Everyday People Coffee & Tea was founded in 2018 with the goal of making a difference in the practices of one of the world’s beloved industries. This women-owned business is fueled by a desire for single-origin coffee derived through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Every bag of coffee or tea is ethically sourced directly from the farms their grown own and returns equitable wages back to workers. In addition to providing products that help to change the industry at large, Everyday People Coffee & Tea shares the stories and struggles facing the industry while giving back to youth and communities in need.

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